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Solid wood stairs are not only luxurious, but also simple and environmentally friendly, so they are more and more popular with consumers

Meike wooden door stair handrail manufacturer: precautions for solid wood stair decoration

solid wood stairs are not only luxurious, but also simple and environmentally friendly, so they are more and more popular with consumers. But at the same time, what comes is the installation knowledge of wood stairs and the problems that need attention. Meike wood door stair handrail manufacturer Xiaobian will come with you to see how to install solid wood stairs and some skills in the installation position, so that you can avoid detours. No matter in selection or decoration, it can save time and effort

1. The style of stairs

when we decorate, we must be consistent with the overall decoration style, and achieve the integration of beauty

European style: for solid wood stairs, it is suitable to choose manual wood carvings as guardrail columns, and the pedal paint is bright. And equipped with special carpet

simple style: steel is suitable for stairs, which is simple, transparent and clear; Glass and stainless steel are the main materials, and the pedal is based on integrated materials, which should not be deformed. The handrail can be made of wood, leather, imitation wood or metal

Chinese style: solid wood stairs are mainly all inclusive, with Chinese wood carvings on the side facade, and the guardrail can also use Chinese window ridge as the main body

2. Space utilization, function matching decoration

first of all, the function of commercial housing should be considered and combined with decoration. The simple design is to do everything. Making effective use of the lower space, there is no way to be decorative on the whole. In this way, in order to combine functionality with decoration, Xiaobian suggests setting up a piano, aquarium, green bonsai and so on in the lower part. This not only has functionality, but also reflects the decorative style and activates the visual effect

3. Solid wood stair lighting, the main and auxiliary complement each other

the lighting of solid wood stairs is divided into main lighting and auxiliary lighting. The main lighting is mainly set in the solid wood staircase, the walls on both sides and the top, which plays a lighting role. It is characterized by strong decoration and outlines the streamline shape of the ladder to form a guiding light belt. The light should not be dark. It is bright, which is not only convenient to go downstairs safely, but also can illuminate the outline of the solid wood stairs. When going downstairs, it makes the portrait go down from the stage, warm and elegant

4. Solid wood stairs run smoothly

the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom should be considered first, and then the position of solid wood stairs should be determined structurally, which is often designed at the corner or special solid wood staircase. Sometimes, it will be designed randomly in some inappropriate positions. The direction design of solid wood stairs pays attention to the word "Shun", that is, the word "Shun" is its core, which makes the solid wood stairs play a connecting role

therefore, if you want to buy stairs or customize them, you must find a professional manufacturer. The price, quality and decoration suggestions they can give are very feasible and credible

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