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After years of development, the door and window industry was once in a period of brand disputes. Looking at the door and window market, all kinds of products are rampant, among which there are inevitably some low-quality stolen cave products. In the door and window industry, where plagiarism has become the norm, continuous innovation is the strong command of scholars in the industry. However, innovation is more and more inclined to slogans nowadays, and few enterprises really make innovation on products

innovation is not self intoxication. If you throw away these slogan innovations, it is true that real innovation is still very difficult for the door and window industry. Some foreign door and window brands started very early and brought many changes to the industry after entering the Chinese market. During this period, many domestic door and window enterprises were unwilling to fall behind, and began to make changes in material types, styles and plans, gradually moving towards an exemplary and scoped production form. However, there are few new products that can really fit the market, which makes the enterprises that constantly hope for innovation full of uncertainty about innovation

how can the innovation ability have trade costs? Different from imagination, skill creation is not equal to trade innovation. Skill creation lies in promoting advancement, while trade innovation requires the recognition of the market. Innovation is not fabricated out of thin air. As long as we really care about and understand the needs of customers and make meaningful innovation, we can improve the success rate of innovation as much as possible. Without the market and consumers, the products we research and receive have no market significance, but the intoxication of the enterprise itself

summary of network promotion Li Yongxian believes that the so-called trade victory lies in the imperceptible changes and improved survival of door and window enterprises through various innovations. Indeed, the renewal of skills plays a role of bond. Whether the products of innovation can win depends mainly on the reaction of consumers, who have the most say

stealing caves is not the reason to stop innovation. In China, the replication of products was once an unavoidable problem for innovative enterprises! Of course, we also know that the current bootlegging has low cost and rapid replication, which makes many enterprises looking forward to innovation increasingly reduce the capital investment in innovation and quickly shorten the innovation cycle. Therefore, as for the mediation of the shape of those products that come into being, if it can not constitute a barrier to the skills and management of innovative products, a set of systematic, scientific and consumer centered innovation mechanism should be established, And melt it into the DNA of the enterprise, no continuous innovation results can occur

only consumer centered innovation can bring huge trade costs to enterprises! Otherwise, this can only be fleeting. Therefore, if door and window enterprises want to deeply cultivate in this industry, they must constantly make innovations in management and production that meet the needs of customers and markets





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