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Speaking of France, the first thing we think of is romantic feelings. So what kind of atmosphere will the French Mediterranean bring to you? Today, Xiaobian will take you to see the French Mediterranean style decoration, irresistible romantic feelings, and you will feel his elegance and nobility

1. French Mediterranean style pays attention to the decoration of buildings in nature. French architecture pays attention to the decoration in nature. It doesn't care about the size of the floor area. It pursues color and internal connection, which makes people feel that there is a lot of activity space. However, sometimes there is a deliberate conflict between the building and the surrounding environment. Therefore, French architecture often does not seek simple coordination, but advocates the beauty of conflict. The design emphasizes the natural return of the soul, giving people a strong breath

open space structure, flowers and green plants everywhere, furniture with fine carving... All of them create an idyllic atmosphere on the whole. Whether it's the delicate flowers in the bedside lamp pattern, or a slightly shaking rocking chair in front of the window, you can experience the owner's leisurely life and sunny mood in any corner

2. Another feature of French architecture is that it has a strict grasp of the overall aspects of architecture and is good at carving details. The classic, rather than fashionable, French architecture is preserved after hundreds of years of historical screening and time polishing

French architecture highly advocates elegance, nobility and romance. It is based on the consideration of ideal scenes, pursues the poetry and poetic realm of architecture, and strives to give people a deep infection in temperament. The style is dignified and generous. The whole building adopts symmetrical modeling, magnificent momentum, luxurious and comfortable living space, and the roof adopts mengsha style. The slope has a turning point, the upper part is gentle, and the lower part is steep. There are many exquisite dormer windows on the roof, which are round or sharp, with different shapes

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