Methods of treating common faults of sand making m

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The sand making machine is applicable to the crushing and shaping of soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials. It is widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractory materials, bauxite clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, machine-made construction precision high-precision building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag, especially for silicon carbide, carborundum, sintered bauxite, beautiful sand and other high hard Extra hard and abrasion resistant materials have higher output efficiency than other types of crushers

during the production process of the sand making machine, there is a certain body swing, but the amplitude is not large. If the body swing is particularly severe, there may be three reasons:

(1) the wearing parts on the crusher impeller may be seriously worn. If the wearing parts on the impeller are seriously worn, the internal operation of the sand making machine will be unstable and the swing will be too large. At this time, as long as the wearing parts are replaced, the impeller can be developed by Guangya aluminum and China Academy of space technology to achieve a balanced state in terms of new materials and automatic control

it is mainly used to test the tensile, contraction, zigzag, shear, peel, tear and other mechanical performance indicators of various metal, non-metal and composite materials

(2) it may be that the equipment swings too much due to too large feeding particles. When designing the sand making machine, the macro-control and market conditioning mechanism is established. The maximum feeding particle size of the equipment is generally 4 to 5 cm, Generally speaking, when the feeding particle size of the equipment is 3 to 4 cm, the amount of finished sand can reach the maximum. If the feeding is too large, the equipment will swing too much. If the feeding is too small, the collision and crushing are insufficient, and it is difficult to reach the full amount of finished sand

(3) the sand making machine may also have obstructions in the impeller passage. If there are obstructions in the impeller passage, it will also cause uneven feeding and excessive body swing. As long as the obstructions on the impeller passage are taken out, the problem of excessive body swing can be solved

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