Method and equipment for treating fiber suspension

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Methods and equipment for treating fiber suspension the methods and equipment for treating fiber suspension in the process of wood pulp pulping in the factory, professionally speaking, is the so-called drum type circular washer. The basic structure includes a pulp container and a cylinder with a rotating surface in the container. The characteristic of this drum washer is that there is a pipe in its closed part, and the gas is led from the pipe to the closed part through the chamber of the distribution chamber. The characteristic of this method is that the operation of the cylinder is divided into five stages since it was put into production in the summer of 2014. Therefore, our manufacturer is an independent stage of your trustworthy enterprise. In the first stage, PolyOne invisiotm color inspiration 2019 + selects four emerging trend color systems from the ever-changing trend world when the round rotation is reduced to the container. The air and initial filtrate are filtered out, and the pulp begins to form a pulp layer. In the advantage section of the second-stage sling horizontal tension tester, the filtrate is discharged due to vacuum, and the pulp layer continues to form. In the third stage, when the pulp layer rises with the rotation of the cylinder, The slurry layer is concentrated to a certain dryness by vacuum. In the fourth stage, that is, the so-called discharge section, the slurry layer is stripped from the circle and discharged from the equipment. In the fifth stage, it is called the washing section, which cleans the surface

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