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Production method of corn dough and its packaging bag

patent name: production method of corn dough and its packaging bag patent applicant Wang Hui; The address of the principal applicant of Jin Wei is 117000. Liu Xuekun from the Transportation Office of the people's Government of Xiaoshi Town, Benxi City, Liaoning Province to Wang Hui also needs to carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation. The inventor is Wang Hui; Jinwei application (patent) No 6. Application date: April 9, 2003 date of issue approval Announcement No. approval announcement date: October 13, 2004 CD-ROM No. d0441 main classification No. B6 of the specification supports 465 items 5d65/46 classification No. b65d65/46 division original application No. priority abstract the invention relates to a method for making corn dough and its packaging bag, which determines the appropriate pH value through soaking and fermentation, and then makes viscous corn dough through heating, mixing, grinding and other procedures, Finally, put the dough into the packaging bag and make it into noodles through the packaging bag. Because the corn dough is directly fermented by corn, it is easy to find the pH suitable for the population; A convex column is arranged on the packaging bag used for packaging corn dough, and the convex column is cut to make noodles conveniently. Claim 1. A method for making corn dough, which is characterized in that it comprises the following steps: in the fixed section, the fixed and control activities can be realized to enhance the soaking: put the clean peeled corn into a container and soak it with water for the first time, and wait until the pH value of the water is 1 Take it out within the range of 5, wash it with clean water and then soak it for the second time, and keep the pH value in the water within the range of; Heating: take out 15%-25% of the total weight of corn soaked for the second time in the container and put it into boiling water for heating. When the water temperature rises to 100 degrees again, take it out and fully mix it with the remaining corn in the container; Grinding: grind the evenly mixed corn. When it reaches the fineness of flour, it is a sticky corn dough

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