Method for determination of iodine in serum by fla

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Determination of iodine in serum by gas chromatography Objective: to establish a method for the determination of iodine in serum by gas chromatography. Methods: among the different derivatization conditions, the main considerations are as follows: 1. The plastic processing industry, as a new industry, started late, has large demand and development space. Iodine and butanone in serum were derived to produce iodobutanone, which was separated by HP-5 (30 m 0.25 mm 0.25 m) capillary column and detected by gas chromatography with electron capture detector. Results: under the conditions of acid environment, sodium sulfite and 3.5% hydrogen peroxide derivation, 97% iodine in iodate was transformed into simple iodine, and then it was derivatized with butanone to produce iodobutanone; The method was applied to the analysis of iodine in serum. The concentration of iodine in serum was 780 g/l, the detection limit of iodine was 4 g/l, the linear range was 4 ~ 100 g/l, the correlation coefficient was r =0.9992, the recovery was 83.0% ~ 95.0%, and the RSD was 3.8%. Conclusion: this method can be used for the determination of total iodine in serum

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