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Method and device for keeping multiple nozzles of printer nozzle bundle clean; Peter Arndt application (patent) No 8. Application date: May 8, 2003 date of issue approval Announcement No. approval announcement date: August 10, 2005 CD No. d0532 main classification No. b41f7/30 classification No. b41f7/30; B05B15/02; B41f35/00 original application No. priority item 2002.5.17 Se-5 abstract in order to keep the printing machine nozzle bundle nozzle (3) clean for handling such problems, air with certain overpressure is supplied to the cover (5; 13; 24) surrounding the nozzle (3), and the conical spray leaving the cover from the nozzle will not contaminate the cover through a slot (7; 16; 26) on the cover. Sovereignty item 1 A method for cleaning a plurality of nozzles (3) in a printer nozzle bundle (1), which is characterized in that air with a certain flow rate is supplied to a cover (5; 13; 24), the air surrounds each individual nozzle (3), and the cover has an opening (7; 16; 26) for a conical spray from the nozzle (3), and the air flow rate is controlled by a throttling device (10; 19; 22) connected to each individual cover (5; 13; 24), And the air flow is low enough not to interfere with the injection from the nozzle (3). International application PCN - total number of revolutions of the disc during the experiment (5000 revolutions); T/se2003/00 talking about the maintenance secrets and operation methods of 074020 hand-held spectrometer for automobile lightweight, let's share here 03.5.8 international publication wo2003/097358 British entry date on November 27, 2003 national patent agency China Council for the promotion of international trade patent and trademark office address agent zhangzuchang

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