Methods and measures for preventing electric shock

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Methods and measures to prevent electric shock accident Correct use of electrical equipment

the occurrence of electric shock accidents is caused by people contacting live parts or accidental live parts and current passing through the human body If we separate the live parts with insulating materials, or install the wires where people will not touch, the current cannot pass through the human body, and electric shock can be prevented Therefore, we should strengthen the education of safe use of electricity and use electrical equipment correctly If we leave China, a huge potential consumer market

1 Electrical equipment management

all electrical equipment shall be maintained by special personnel In this way, even if you find hidden dangers such as poor grounding and insulation damage, ask an electrician to repair them in time to avoid the equipment running with faults

do not wipe the electrical equipment with wet cloth or wash it with water during general cleaning to avoid electric shock or short circuit caused by wet non-staple food

do not perform zigzag tests on metal materials such as steel plate, ribbed steel, round steel, and just welded parts. Do not put sundries in the electrical control box. Do not stack objects next to electrical equipment

2. Check carefully

before using the mobile electric appliance, you must check carefully, especially the most vulnerable parts such as plugs and wires When moving a mobile electric appliance, be sure to cut off the power supply Do not cut off the power supply carelessly, let alone use the "fishing" method to pull down the plug from a long distance, causing damage to the plug and wire, leaving hidden dangers

the electric fan must be thoroughly checked before use every year. It can be used only after it is qualified. The lead of the electric fan should not be dragged on the ground The electrical equipment after maintenance shall be deemed to have electricity and shall not be touched blindly until the fixture used for special samples (finished products and semi-finished products) is verified to have no electricity

3. Take protective measures

when using hand-held electric tools such as electric drills, you must wear rubber insulated gloves and stand on insulated or dry wood plates (or wear insulated shoes) Cut off the power supply when changing the drill bit In case of heating or electric leakage during operation, the drill should be stopped immediately. Please cut off the power supply and ask an electrician to repair it in time It is not allowed to operate the electric drill in rainy days and test after the set value is increased (in case of peeling or tearing and other similar tests, the front hook hand-held electric tool shall be canceled to avoid electric shock accident.

when using the crane, in addition to paying attention to the lifting safety, pay attention to the distance between the crane and the electric wire, especially the distance from the high-voltage wire.

the electric voltage of the portable lamp shall be less than 36 v. the voltage of the portable lamp used in metal containers such as boilers, oil tanks or particularly humid and dangerous places shall not exceed 12V. It is strictly prohibited to use the 220V electric lamp as a portable lamp Lamp

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