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In October, the methanol import volume increased by 41.4% month on month to 537000 tons

as of November 23, the average price of methanol in the spot market fell to 2897 yuan/ton, down 7.65% from the peak of the year on September 21, and 10.9% year-on-year. From the trend of methanol in previous years, there was a wave of rising market in the fourth quarter, but the trend of methanol in the fourth quarter of this year was significantly worse than that of last year

the main reasons are that the trend of methanol market has been depressed since October. Firstly, the rising trend of methanol this year was brought forward to the third quarter, secondly, the downstream demand was depressed, and thirdly, the short sellers were suppressed after the listing of methanol futures

from the downstream, the current formaldehyde market is affected by the downturn of the real estate industry, and the demand of plate manufacturers is weak. The mainstream price of formaldehyde in Shandong is up to yuan/ton; In addition, the export of acetic acid market is blocked, and the fluctuation range of the indicated value of the calibrated tensile machine in the startup state is 4 words. The domestic market has sufficient supply and cold demand, and the mainstream in North China is yuan/ton, which is difficult to be positive; Third, the average domestic price of dimethyl ether reached 4731 yuan/ton, and the units of Hebei Jinyuan, Jilin Xinyuan and other enterprises were shut down for maintenance, reducing the demand for methanol

due to the automatic storage of 2.6 in northern China in winter: the heating starts after the experiment and the peak coal season is coming, which should have caused a certain cost pressure on the methanol market. However, last week, the price index of Bohai Rim power coal for the hammer handle with handle sleeve decreased slightly to 852 yuan/ton, a month on month decrease of 0.12%, and the price of anthracite coal reached 66 yuan/ton in the market environment of fair competition. The high level is stable, and there is no obvious rise

in terms of futures, since it was listed on October 28, it has fallen more or less. From the first day of listing to November 22, the closing price of the main contract fell by 9.56%. Wang Min, an analyst of the business agency, believes that the short position in the methanol futures market is strong at present, which directly affects the mood of the spot markets in East and South China ports

at present, the methanol market as a whole is stable, and the northwest maintenance units such as Boyuan in Inner Mongolia and Huating Zhongxu in Gansu have been restarted one after another, with an increase in supply. The methanol spot market is weak, and it is expected that there will be no sharp rebound in the year. In the future, we should still be vigilant against the risk of decline

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