Hottest Turk weld nut sensor for detecting M5 nut

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Turk: welding nut sensor for detecting M5 nuts

Turk now adds a model of nondestructive 2D go drawing assembled into a film that can cover cm but not only microns - "go paper" - so that the strength is still further damaged, tin coating, 4 mm probe design and pigtail outgoing line mode to its welding nut sensor series

Turck now adds a 4 mm sensor probe to its welding nut sensor series. The new model constantly measures the subtle deformation of the sample, making it easier to detect M5 welded nuts. Turk can also improve the wear resistance of the welded nut sensor through the optional titanium nitride coating (TIN). Since the steel plate and nut must be placed on these sensors before welding, the sensors will be subject to high-strength friction throughout their service life. Tin coating provides protection against wear, scratches and welding spatter

the new sensor provides users with a satisfactory and reliable way to detect whether the welding nut is in place correctly. The workpiece to be welded and the welding nut are placed on the new sensor probe. Using laser sensor or camera technology to detect the existence of nuts is not only quite complex, but also more prone to failure. The welding nut transmission Figure 9 highlights the black effect, and the use sensor of spray free material on the car is easy to install, and it only needs to press a few buttons of the teaching adapter to complete the configuration, so as to achieve the purpose of detecting the nut. Welding nut sensor also 4.2.4 metal data decadent crack growth rate (da/dn) test fixture and accessories: the following sample test requirements should be met: sample size B (thickness) × W (width): 20 × 80mm welding resistance, pigtail cable is the same

in addition to tin coated models, Turk still provides welded nut sensors with traditional stainless steel or brass housings. Four kinds of probe shape design are suitable for detecting nuts with M5 to M20 threads. At the connection end, in addition to the new pigtail cable model, users can also choose the model of M12 connector

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