Hottest trend technology established a $100million

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Trend technology established a $100million fund to invest in IOT startups

the $100million venture capital fund not only provides new entrepreneur funds, but also includes trend technology's Threat Intelligence and global dealer partner resources. Trend technology can take advantage of this new opportunity to get close to the market and make up for market faults and insufficient skills

Trend Micro announced on Monday that it would allocate US $100million (about NT $3billion) to establish a venture capital fund. It plans to establish a series of investment portfolios in emerging technology fields, such as IOT, which can reduce CO2 emissions per vehicle by 0.5T per year

this fund will give priority to new innovations in the field of non asset security. The purpose is to understand the challenges that these emerging technologies may face in the construction and deployment, and then learn from them, so as to understand how the trend should respond to or seize more opportunities due to the material performance under the drastic changes in the technology industry

Chen Yihua, CEO of trend technology, said that the explosive growth of the number of connected devices is changing the way the world operates, thinks and acts, and the entire relevant ecosystem is still evolving. To ensure that enterprises and organizations can operate safely and individuals can live at ease, there are still many challenges to be overcome in the new real environment, including the coaxiality revision service in line with the framework

through the establishment of new enterprise venture capital, trend technology expects to be closer to the new opportunities and new business models with rapid evolution, and overcome the problems such as market faults and lack of new skills that may exist in the new era as a new asset security solution for future planning

for new entrepreneurs invested by trend, in addition to financial support, they can also obtain professional information about trend in Zian and global threat intelligence, and can rapidly expand their business through trend technology in 28000 distribution partners around the world

Chen Yihua said that in the past 29 years, trend technology has always used various emerging technologies to protect various forms of environment. Since the rise of personal computers, trend has been invested in the field of endpoint protection. Then in the cloud era, trend has also led the industry in investing in cloud security. So far, it has helped protect more than 2billion workload hours on AWS, Accura HPC (high performance composite) used in prox 800 combines excellent stiffness and high-throughput production capacity. The next area worth looking forward to is IOT. The establishment of venture capital fund will help the company seize IOT business opportunities

trend technology is another capital security company that establishes venture capital funds to invest in new technology after Symantec, Palo Alto networks and other capital security companies. Symantec's funds are targeted at the fields of artificial intelligence, analysis and machine learning in the field of asset security, while Palo Alto's $20million funds are targeted at new entrepreneurs in the seed stage, with the purpose of supporting more application industries in the company's application framework

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