Hottest trading comments on January 29, 2008

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Trading review on January 29, 2008

today, the market of Guangdong Plastics Exchange was volatile, with PVC prices rising slightly, PP prices falling slightly, and ABS, LLDPE and PS rising and falling alternately. The whole day trading volume was 6872 batches, and the order volume was 10765 batches, with a small increase compared with yesterday. Guangsu index closed at 1015.61 points, up 0.73 points from yesterday

calcium carbide PVC: the market rose slightly, with a range of 19-51 yuan. Under the given external stress conditions, the varieties delivered from April to June all closed above 7900 yuan. At present, there is no obvious change in the news, and the problem of tight transportation has not been solved, which has pushed the PVC market up slightly today. The quotation of upstream manufacturers increased steadily, and the downstream demand for 2 rubber tensile testing machine tensile measuring and recording device was general. As the Spring Festival is approaching, severe weather has led to continuous tension in railway transportation, and there are great difficulties in the supply of goods from the north to South China. Traders' concerns about future supply continue to support PVC prices, and the price advantage is expected to remain in the short term

Vinyl PVC: the market was slightly sorted out, with small increases in the majority, with an increase of ± 20 yuan. Recently, the PVC export situation of domestic ports has improved, and the external quotation has increased slightly. Due to transportation difficulties and other reasons, the tight supply in South China has supported the market. However, with the approaching of the Spring Festival and the profit taking of traders, the high price advantage of ethylene PVC is challenged

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