Hottest vatti i11089i10041b sky mirror top suction

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How about vatti i11089+i10041b sky mirror top suction range hood? Start with the advantages and disadvantages evaluation

1. It's very good. I bought it long ago. Until now, it's cut and installed. The suction is very large, and the stove household can also be used. The fierce fire is really big. I feel that it saves gas

2. The material flow is very good, convenient and fast. The app installed by appointment is very bad. It is either cancelled automatically or cannot be arranged. There are no installation accessories outside the machine. Everything has to be charged. The price is not cheap. I feel that it is to let the local installation service provider make money, so as to kill customers

3. The stove ignition is easier than before, the firepower is very stable, but the values in the list are not the same, and the cleaning is also convenient. The range hood is selected with high horsepower, the noise is within the acceptable range, the suction is very large, and it is easy to clean, so I am very satisfied

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II. Functional features and detailed configuration introduction:

vatti i11089+i10041b Tianjing top suction pumping, namely "load 1 stretching" smoke machine, is a new series of vatti that has achieved positive results. Refer to the following functional features introduction:

detailed configuration parameters:

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