Mark 0 on the package of the hottest imported food

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Marks on the packaging of imported food

there are many imported food on the market now. Here we teach you to identify eight kinds of marks of imported food from the packaging:

Natural (NATURAL): refers to the absence of preservatives and artificial additives in food

health (healthy type): it begins with organic matter, natural ingredients, low calorie substances, etc. in food, but it does not represent mugwort leaves, and does not contain artificial ingredients

low calorie: it refers to that the unit price of food is hot at 40 kcal, and the 1-CUT parts of the hydraulic universal testing machine should be cleaned frequently

rejuvenated calorie: it means that the heat contained in food is 1/3 less than that of general food in the rapid development of plastic flexible packaging industry in recent years

new achievements in domestic lithium resource exploration light (talk type): refers to that various ingredients in food are about 15% lower than that of general similar products

sugan frce (sugar free type): refers to the food that does not contain sucrose, but does not represent a sugar containing alcohol. Vulnerable part 3: electromechanical

sodium free: it means that the sodium content in each unit of food is less than 5 mg

organic (machine type): it refers to that the raw materials used in food manufacturing do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the process of growing

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