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Analysis of engineering plastics market in the first half of 2014

according to the monitoring of rubber and plastics branch, the domestic engineering plastics market was slightly active in the first half of 2014, and the engineering plastics sector index curve of business society showed a "W" trend. In the first quarter, the engineering plastics sector index showed a downward trend of shock, reflecting the downturn in the domestic engineering plastics market. From the beginning of the second quarter to the middle and early May, the engineering plastics sector index showed an upward trend, It reflects the recovery of domestic engineering plastics market. From mid May to the end of the second quarter, the engineering plastics sector index showed a downward trend again, reflecting that the domestic engineering plastics market fell again

the prices of five kinds of engineering plastics products on the electric switch panel monitored by the rubber and plastic branch fell across the board: POM (-4.03%), PC (-1.21%), pet (-0.80%), PA66 (-0.55%), PA6 (-0.24%). The price curve trend of most products is roughly the same as that of the engineering plastics sector index curve of the business society. In the first half of 2014, the market experienced a decline first, then rise and then fall

the main reason why the engineering plastics market shows a "W" trend is B. the screw drive chain is lubricated with butter because of the following aspects: the cost side tries to reduce the weight per gram under the condition of ensuring safety and durability, and the upstream raw material market suppresses the price of engineering plastics products: for example, pet, the price curve of pet is roughly the same as that of the upstream raw materials ethylene glycol (-5.21%) and PTA (0.28%)

in terms of supply and demand, a variety of engineering plastics products are products with high added value. Most of the downstream products are plastic modified enterprises, which are usually purchased on demand with small orders. For example, POM, the total capacity of enterprises across the country exceeded 500000 tons in the first half of 2014, and the new capacity under construction in the next year is expected to exceed 600000 tons. There is a large surplus of primary products, while high-end modified products are far from meeting domestic demand, resulting in serious overcapacity

import and export: on the one hand, there are few domestic production enterprises of some engineering plastics products, which rely heavily on imports for a long time, and the relative price of imported goods is low, which further impacts the domestic market, making it difficult for product prices to rise. For example, PA66, the domestic production capacity is less than 200000 tons, the output in 2013 was about 150000 tons, the net import volume was nearly 300000 tons, and the external dependence was as high as 60%. Low-cost imported goods continue to impact the domestic market, This directly led to the unilateral downward trend of PA66 price

on the other hand, the market price of domestic products is significantly affected by the arrival of imported goods. For example, for PC, the quantity of goods arriving at the port in early March is relatively small, some goods arrive at the port late, the supply of goods is relatively scarce in a short time, and the price of PC rises steadily. However, in the middle and late May, the goods originally postponed to the port are concentrated in the port. For a time, the supply exceeds the demand, the dealers move at a low price, and the price drops rapidly

looking at the whole engineering plastics market in general, at present, China is not dominant in technology and cost. The business society predicts that in the second half of 2014, the engineering plastics market will still be shrouded by the cost constraints and technical constraints, the problems existing in the old version of the hydraulic fatigue testing machine for contact parts, the serious overcapacity of low-end products, and the still prominent contradiction between supply and demand

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