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After Evergrande, China Southern Glass launched another employee incentive plan, 470 people shared a 500million yuan gift package

recently, many listed companies want to motivate employees. China Evergrande () launched the "deepest in history" option incentive plan during the National Day holiday, benefiting nearly 8000 employees. China Southern glass a (000012) also disclosed the restricted stock incentive plan (Draft) this morning

recently, the staff incentive plan is also promoted by China test navigation, Yingke medical, etc. Combing these plans, we can find that, compared with the past, employee incentives are tilting towards middle-level managers and core technology/business backbones, and the number of directors and senior executives in the incentive object is small, and the proportion of employees is also low

in a word, the inclusive employee incentive plan may gradually become the mainstream

employee incentives are tilted to the middle-level, and the proportion of directors and senior executives is reduced

according to the announcement, CSG a plans to grant 115million shares to a total of 470 incentive objects, including directors, senior executives, core management teams, technical and business backbones, accounting for about 4.8% of the current total share capital

the grant price is 4.28 yuan/share, which is 50% of the average price in the 20 trading days before the publication of the draft; The source of stock is the directional issuance of new shares to incentive objects

if a simple estimate is made without considering the unlocking conditions and changes in share price, the equity incentive plan granted by CSG a at a 50% discount is equivalent to distributing a "big gift bag" worth nearly 500million yuan to 470 management and business backbones

employees' incentives of CSG a

directors and senior managers of CSG a received 11.2% of the total incentives, middle-level and technical business backbones received nearly 75.72%, and the remaining 13.03% was reserved as follow-up incentive reserves. It can be seen from this that this incentive is inclined to middle-level and business backbones, and the number of people and shares granted account for a large proportion

the option incentive of China Evergrande also has this feature. The incentive objects are mainly middle-level and lower management cadres. Compared with the previous option incentive schemes, the proportion allocated by directors and senior executives is decreasing

incentive distribution of China Evergrande options

according to the plan of China Evergrande, 5million share options were granted to five directors including Xia Haijun, and the vast majority of share options were granted to middle-level and lower management cadres. China Evergrande has 7994 incentive objects this time, accounting for 7.8% of the total. Compared with more than 100 people in the previous two times, this time is more inclusive

A-share listed companies that have recently implemented employee incentives also tend to tilt towards middle-level cadres and technical/business backbones. 8. The two driving screws of the compression testing machine must be properly lubricated. The lubricating oil should be the mechanical oil specified by the manufacturer. When refueling, the dust shield at the opening of the two columns must be removed and brushed with a brush, so that the oil does not flow downward

for example, Yingke medical (300677), which disclosed the incentive plan last night, all 83 awards were to the company's core technical (business) personnel

according to the announcement of Yingke medical, the company plans to grant 1.217 million restricted shares to 83 incentive objects, accounting for 1.16% of the current total share capital

chinatest navigation (300627) also focuses on the incentive of middle-level managers and core technical (business) personnel, and there is only one senior executive among the incentive objects

according to the announcement of chinatest navigation, the company plans to grant 4.5 million restricted shares to 276 incentive objects, accounting for 3.78% of the current total share capital. Among the 276 people, one senior executive of the company, Gao Zhanwu, the chief financial officer, was awarded 100000 shares. The remaining 275 are middle-level managers and core technical (business) personnel of the company, and the shares granted account for 91% of the total granted

Dow technology and China submarine Co., Ltd., which recently disclosed the incentive plan, also took middle-level managers and business (technology and Technology) backbones as the main incentive objects

employee motivation helps to improve performance

motivating core employees, helping to attract and retain excellent talents, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. The ultimate goal is to improve the company's performance. In other words, the implementation of employee incentives is also a manifestation of the company's confidence in future performance

as for the option incentive in Hong Kong stocks, only when the stock price continues to rise can employees get benefits from exercising their rights, and the continuous growth of the company's performance can support the continuous rise of the stock price

China Evergrande made it clear in the announcement that this option incentive reflects its confidence in the development prospects of the company. By significantly expanding the scope of option granting, it further encourages the enthusiasm of the majority of middle and senior management cadres, and makes contributions to the continuous growth of the company's performance. At the same time, it better combines the interests of shareholders, the interests of the company and the interests of the management of this kind of bio vinyl situation, which is produced by dehydration of ethanol from sugarcane in Brazil, So that the majority of management cadres can share the results of the continuous growth of the company's performance

Wen Tianna, a Hong Kong stock expert, also said in an interview with securities times · e that the share option can be exercised within ten years, thereby encouraging employees to continue their efforts and stimulating the long-term development of the stock price

a-share employee incentive plans are different. In the plan, three-year performance goals are usually set, which must be achieved before the vesting can be unlocked by stages and in proportion

in the employee incentive plan of CSG a, the return on net assets for three years is required to be no less than 9%, the growth rate of net profit deducted in 2017 is no less than 40% compared with the average value of three years, and the year-on-year growth rate of net profit deducted in 2018 and 2019 is no less than 20%

Yingke medical requires that the growth rate of net profit after deduction in 2016 should not be less than 30%, 50% and 80%

the performance goal set by chinatest navigation is that based on the net profit in 2016, the annual net profit growth rate is not less than 20%, 40% and 70%, and the annual operating revenue growth rate is not less than 20% year-on-year

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