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The tmall double 11 with 500million participants is coming: new consumption reflects China's strong domestic demand potential

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stimulating domestic demand is the first goal put forward by Jiang Fan, President of tmall and President of Taobao, to tmall double 11 this year

on October 21, at the launch meeting of tmall's double 11, Jiang Fan said at the beginning: "Alibaba proposed three core strategies for the future on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, and" stimulating domestic demand "came first. This is Alibaba's responsibility to the society and the country, and we will continue to do it. "

data show that on November 11 this year, it is expected that the number of users visiting Taobao and tmall will increase by 100million, and more than 500million users will participate in tmall double 11, which means that in a total of 400million families in China, 1.25 people in each family will participate in this consumption Festival. At the same time, there will be 1million new products launched on tmall's double 11 this year; More than 2000 counties and thousands of industrial belts across the country provide consumers with farm direct supply and factory direct supply through tmall; Good products from 78 countries and regions, and more than 22000 overseas brands have gained a broad Chinese market through tmall

Jiang Fan said that in the past 10 years, tmall has the honor to work with the majority of brand merchants to promote the digital transformation of China's retail economy, create a large number of new consumption, and stimulate the domestic demand of China according to the different types of carbon fibers. This year's tmall double 11 will continue to reflect China's strong consumption power and domestic demand potential

in August this year, the general office of the State Council pointed out in its guidance on promoting the standardized and healthy development of the platform economy that the Internet platform economy is a new organizer of productivity and a new driving force for economic development. It plays an important role in optimizing resource allocation, promoting cross-border financing development and mass entrepreneurship and innovation, promoting industrial upgrading, expanding the consumer market, especially increasing employment

Jiang Fan introduced that the digital economy has broken the constraints and restrictions of regions and realized the undifferentiated shopping experience of all Chinese consumers; The new supply in the era of digital economy can better meet the diversified consumption upgrading needs of one billion Chinese consumers. The new consumption created thereby has become a new driving force to stimulate domestic demand

Jiang Fan also believes that what new consumption brings to consumers must be "buying better and cheaper", rather than the so-called "consumption degradation". For example, in the past two years, Taobao tmall has reached a wider range of consumer groups in China at a faster speed, achieving an annual growth of more than 100million consumers, especially 70% of new users from the sinking market. At the same time, new consumers from the sinking market will generate more than 2000 consumption in the first year of landing on Taobao tmall, which fully shows that consumers from the fourth, fifth and sixth tier also pay attention to quality consumption

the failure frequency is 146 Hz, and the new consumption also drives the supply side reform of the platform economy. Over the past year, platform economic participants have been accelerating the digitalization process relying on Alibaba's business operating system, which has brought together higher quality goods and service supply for tmall double 11. In the upcoming "double 11" business Olympics, sales, marketing, logistics, supply chain, finance, manufacturing and other links will once again form a social resonance, and businesses' digital growth capacity will usher in a new round of improvement

"green double 11" is Jiang Fan's new keynote for this year's tmall double 11. Statistics show that in the past few years, Alibaba has saved a total of 400billion pieces of paper for the society through electronic face sheet technology; Through the upgrading of artificial intelligence, the social it cost is reduced by more than 100billion every year; By using green energy on a large scale and expanding the application of new technologies such as liquid cooled servers, the data center can save 200000 kwh on the day of the double 11

this year, however, they are turning to smart composites to reduce the cost of SHM. Tmall will comprehensively promote green logistics and propose to designate November 20 of each year as the "national carton recycling day". 40000 rookie post stations and 35000 express delivery companies will fully accept the recycling of cartons and packaging materials. At the same time, tmall and Xianyu will jointly launch a special replacement activity of "trade in". During the double 11, there are more than 80 categories, 40000 kinds of household appliances and digital products can be traded in, and idle goods can be recycled, which greatly reduces the waste of social resources, and finally realizes "green receipt and green harvest"

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