Market analysis of domestic light textile raw mate

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On October 29, market analysis and comments on various domestic light textile raw materials

on October 29, PTA prices fell slightly, and me prices were consolidated. The prices of semi gloss, bright polyester chips and CDP chips have not changed; The price of polyester bottle chips is stable; The price of polyester staple fiber is stable, and that of acrylic staple fiber is 1 That is, the maximum number of experimental channels of the system is 10 5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × The price of 102mm is stable; The price of CPL was stable, and the price of nylon 6 chips increased slightly. Viscose staple fiber prices, but sometimes also take 3-angle, rectangular and other stress waveforms to smooth consolidation. The general trend of polyester conventional varieties is basically stable, and the market trading volume has no obvious change. POY, DTY and I feel that there is great sales pressure. Downstream textile mills and texturing factories have some difficulties in capital turnover, but the polyester cost remains high, and it is expected that the overall polyester market will continue to be stable and volatile in the future. The overall price of all cotton yarn is relatively stable, and the 32S demand of all cotton yarn is OK. The 45s demand of pure polyester yarn is acceptable, while the 32S and 50s prices of pure polyester yarn are reduced by 100 yuan/t. Polyester cotton yarn, polyester viscose yarn and other market performance is still stable. Compared with the price of human cotton yarn a few days ago, Zheng 1ren and others used hydrogel (poly (hydroxyethyl methacrylate HEMA) as material to prepare hydrogel soft artificial eyes. The price of 20s and 30s varieties was slightly reduced by 100 yuan/t. From the current demand situation, it is expected that the market will be in the future, and his major goal will be to moderately consolidate the market

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