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Chengdu Xinjin: build the world rail transit industry highland by gathering industrial forces

Chengdu Xinjin: build the world rail transit industry highland by gathering industrial forces

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in recent years, Xinjin County, Chengdu has closely focused on building the world rail transit industry highland, taken effective measures, guided by market demand, led by vehicle manufacturing, and driven by scientific and technological innovation, A rail transit industry cluster with a good process layout of a large number of enterprises such as CRRC Chengdu Changke has been formed, which makes the amplifier extremely stable. A rail transit industry system based on the subway and focusing on the new standard products such as the second generation magnetic levitation and modern tram has been established

Chengdu Xinjin: Gather Industrial forces to build a world rail transit industry highland

it is reported that Xinjin has initially formed a production capacity with an annual output of 1500 modules of subway or tram and the maintenance of 300 trains, which is compatible with the manufacturing of light rail, medium and low speed maglev, straddle monorail, suspended monorail, municipal express rail and other urban rail vehicles. At the same time, we should vigorously develop new technologies and products, accelerate the layout of the new system of Urban Rail Transit Based on the traditional system such as subway, and form the R & D and manufacturing capacity of Maglev module 2: carbon fiber and its composite material design, process, equipment, detection train, intelligent rail train, suspended monorail, straddle monorail and other new system rail transit products. Accelerate the trial and testing of new rail systems and promote the formation of large-scale industrialization. In the field of new energy vehicles, we will focus on encouraging and supporting core leading enterprises to set up power battery technology research and use it to carry out tensile, zigzag, contraction and shear test and development centers, so as to enrich the products and technical routes of new energy vehicle models

"we will use the strength of the whole county to strengthen the transportation equipment industry, build the core of the ecosystem industry, rely on international well-known enterprises such as ALSTOM, cultivate and expand local enterprises represented by CRRC Changke and Xinzhu Road and bridge, and enhance the ability of 'rail vehicles + new tracks + maintenance'." Xinjin County, the head of relevant departments said

it is reported that Xinjin will strengthen regional cooperation with other places; Promote the establishment of cooperative relations between equipment manufacturing enterprises and enterprises engaged in scientific and technological research and development, survey and design, engineering construction, etc; Strengthen regional cooperation with target markets; Promote the extension of the industrial chain to the downstream. At the same time, improve the integration of investment, construction and operation, strengthen cooperation with creec, PowerChina, Guangzhou tram company and other units, and promote the rapid and good development of rail transit industry in Xinjin

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