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Yifei laid out the UAV energy field in advance and directly hit the pain points of battery life

overturning the traditional battery technology, solid-state batteries have become a new favorite in the world

product upgrading and market conversion. With the application extension of industrial UAVs, the blue ocean of the market has ushered in a golden age, but battery life, safety and environmental protection and other pain points have also become the focus of public attention. Constrained by the technology of upstream battery suppliers, battery technology is a major obstacle to development, not only in industrial UAV enterprises, but also in new energy technology fields such as electric aviation and electric vehicles

solid state batteries with the characteristics of high safety, high energy density, flexibility, low cost, green and environmental protection have become the excited expectation of the public. The so-called solid-state battery actually uses solid electrolyte ceramic materials to replace the liquid electrolyte in general batteries. One major advantage is that it can completely solve the potential safety accidents caused by the flammability of liquid and gasoline in lithium-ion batteries, especially in space, aerospace, industrial UAV applications, electric vehicles and other fields. In addition, the energy density of solid-state batteries can reach more than 400wh/kg, which is far higher than that of liquid lithium batteries, greatly improving the battery life. Solid state batteries are becoming a new global favorite in the next generation of battery technology. The major giants are gathering strength to lay out the solid-state battery field and seize the commanding height of development

▲ Yifei unmanned helicopter platform

▲ Qingtao solid state lithium battery production line production workshop

cross border innovation breaks the pain point of UAV endurance

recently, Yifei intelligent control (Tianjin) technology has the need to clean and dry the work properly. The formal signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Yifei intelligent control (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yifei) and Qingtao (Kunshan) Energy Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qingtao) has become the focus of the industry. According to the content of the agreement, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in many fields, such as battery development, solid-state battery application, battery recycling and echelon utilization of intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles, and jointly promote the innovative development of China's unmanned aerial vehicles and new energy industry

Qingtao is one of the earliest R & D teams to carry out solid-state lithium battery technology in China. At present, it has taken the lead in breaking through many technical difficulties and become the icebreaker of solid-state battery technology. In November 2018, it took the lead in building the first mass production line of solid-state batteries in China and has been officially put into production, leading the new track of new energy battery technology

as a supplier of integrated solutions for industrial UAVs and a quasi Unicorn rising in the field of air intelligence, this strong alliance will bring a disruptive revolution to the UAV industry. Yifei's powerful UAV should have the advantages of market and intelligent technology, as well as the technical advantages in the field of Qingtao solid-state battery, which will speed up the solution of battery life problems in the UAV industry and even deeper fields, It will help further promote the commercialization of new energy batteries and play a milestone role in the development of ecological industrial chains such as electric aviation and electric vehicles

the advance layout of Yifei in the field of UAV energy may change the competitive pattern of UAV energy market. With the endorsement of Qingtao in new energy battery technology, Yifei entered the general aviation market, seized the commanding height of intelligent aviation, and achieved overtaking in curves, taking the lead

about Yifei

Yifei intelligent control (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the design, research and development, production and operation of intelligent aerial vehicles, and provides comprehensive solutions for the fields of UAV logistics and transportation, air autopilot and manned transportation. At present, it has become a quasi Unicorn enterprise in the field of intelligent transportation and transportation, and the related technology and application are at the international leading level

as the first UAV industry to cover the overall commercial industrial chain, the following specifications can also be customized: M6, M8, M10; With intelligent autonomous flight control system as its core competitiveness, first flight, a private enterprise, takes the lead in becoming the icebreaker in the domestic ton unmanned helicopter payload market, and has core technologies, cloud big data and service capabilities in agriculture, logistics, military civilian integration and other fields

about Qingtao development

Qingtao (Kunshan) Energy Development Co., Ltd. has long focused on the industrial transformation of the technology, experimental methods, inspection rules and signs, labels, operation instructions, packaging, storage, transportation and other requirements of the top new energy material rubber and plastic products quality inspection equipment, and has achieved the Trinity development of diaphragm materials, solid-state batteries, and automation equipment, It is a pioneer in the development of all solid-state lithium batteries in China

through the original development of key materials of lithium batteries, innovative design of equipment and process optimization of mass production, Qingtao development took the lead in realizing the industrialization of solid-state lithium batteries, built a complete independent intellectual property system, and established a number of R & D and Industrialization Bases centered on Jiangsu, Guangdong, Jiangxi and Guizhou in China

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