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Chenming paper sold its B-share repurchase plan after being suspended for one month.

Chenming paper sold its B-share repurchase plan after being suspended for one month: it plans to spend up to HK $400million on on the B-share repurchase at a price not higher than HK $4. This is another B-share repurchase case in the market after Chang'an Automobile, Lutai and CSG. Yesterday, Chenming Paper's a and B shares both rose by the limit, closing at 4.08 yuan and HK $2.99 respectively

according to the plan, the price of B shares repurchased by Chenming Paper in this project based on the requirements of the Italian central torch plan (CIRA) is no more than HK $4/share, which is equivalent to 3.27 yuan/share at the exchange rate of HK $1 to 0.8175 yuan with a small amount of lubricant on September 20. The total repurchase funds shall not exceed HK $400million, equivalent to RMB 327million. According to the maximum repurchase of 150million shares planned, the repurchase proportion accounts for 26.91% and 7.27% of the company's issued B-shares and total share capital respectively

it is calculated that after the completion of this repurchase, the company's earnings per share will increase by 0. The production capacity of polymers such as polylactic acid and polyethylene will reach 2.39 million tons 003 yuan, with a growth rate of 6.52%; The weighted average return on net assets increased by 0.01 percentage points

according to the data, Chenming Paper currently has a total share capital of 2.062 billion shares, including 557million B shares and 391million H shares. Before the suspension, Chenming B closed at HK $2.71 per share, equivalent to RMB 2.22 per share, equivalent to 59.94% of the closing price of a shares on the same day

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