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Go to a sweet "hot appointment"

in the spring city where the first snow has just fallen, the China heavy truck technology building is as warm as spring. Talking with the members of the technical test team about this year's hot zone test, it seems that it is also shrouded in the scorching sun. In this way, the magical shuttle in three seasons, we once again returned to Turpan in July, beside the Flaming Mountain

sidelights of China heavy truck hot zone test

impression · Flaming Mountain

Turpan is located in the Middle East of Xinjiang, belonging to a unique warm temperate arid desert climate. Dry with little rain and sufficient sunshine. July is the hottest month in Turpan all year round, with an average temperature of about 45 °. Flaming Mountain is located 10 kilometers northeast of Turpan. It runs from east to west. It is 98 kilometers long and 9 kilometers wide. The main peak is 831.7 meters above sea level. Every midsummer, when the mountain is illuminated by the scorching sun, the hot air flow rolls up, and the ochre red mountain seems to be burning. There is no grass on the surface of Flaming Mountain, which is the hottest place in the country. The Flaming Mountain, known as the "natural automobile hot spot test site", brings together large and small fleets every test season, making this usually quiet town lively for a while

therefore, Turpan is no stranger to the "three high" test team of China heavy truck technology center. This is the first stop of their experiments on high fever, plateau and high cold. It is a "hot" trip that comes almost every year in the hottest season

on July 12, the "three highs" test team of China Heavy Truck Technology Center, composed of 30 people, went to Turpan, and this year's "hot" appointment set off as scheduled

6 days, more than 3000 kilometers. The motorcade crossed plains, hills, mountains, plateaus, as well as uninhabited deserts and Gobi to reach its destination. Here, the test team will complete the calibration tests of engine overheating protection, idle speed stability, vehicle dynamics, DPF, SCR and other post-processing systems and OBD systems

accident · xiamawei

Turpan has new regulations this year, and trucks are not allowed to enter the urban area. The dusty car arrived so that when the sample was stretched, the team could only camp in a small town on the outskirts of the city, and the accommodation conditions were no problem for the team members. The biggest problem is eating. The hygienic conditions of the restaurants in the town are not up to standard. Diarrhea and gastroenteritis make all the team members recruited. This is a big blow to the experimental team

in hot and hot weather, people's physical strength is easy to overdraw. In addition, they have diarrhea after eating bad food, which is even worse. Wang Ke, as the only female member of the experimental team, still seems to have lingering palpitations when recalling. She participated in the three high tests for two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013. "Originally, in my opinion, compared with the alpine plateau, the hot area is relatively comfortable. Although it is hot, it can be tolerated." The girl, who looked quiet and thin, said softly, "but this year I encountered this unexpected trouble. I had bad stomach and intestines, so I had diarrhea all the way for more than ten days, and I felt collapse when I was severe."

in fact, the difficulties she said were only superficial. As we all know, diarrhea symptoms need to be hydrated in time to avoid dehydration. However, for the test team members, especially the female team members, who go out with the car for a day, drinking water is a very luxurious thing. In the desert Gobi, finding a place to go to the toilet is almost an impossible task. Therefore, as long as there is an on-board test task one day and he suffers from all kinds of discomfort, Wang Ke dares not drink water almost all day. She was so thirsty that she only dared to sip a little water and wet her dry lips

sense of mission

couldn't help asking her, "do you feel hard? Do you think why I have to be a girl?" The girl who came to CNHTC as soon as she graduated from university in 2006 said frankly, "I really didn't think about it. It's my responsibility to do the test of the project, of course. Because only I know this project best, I also need to obtain first-hand test data and parameters." In the on-board test of the engine after treatment unit (DCU thermal protection) she was responsible for, after running the specified mileage, Wang Ke, who had been soaked in sweat, did not rush back to the station, but discussed with the driver about running another lap. She said, "although the mileage is up, the engine water temperature is not rising very high, so the test conditions need to be more stringent on this basis, and the results will be more convincing."

the team members need to drive a trailer to simulate the working condition of the vehicle climbing with full load during the test. The drag bar with hundreds of kilograms should be hung up before the vehicle climbing and unloaded when it goes downhill. At this time, the surface temperature has reached 80 ℃. In order to avoid scalding, the team members must endure the sultry heat and wear thickened overalls and gloves. "Sweating like rain" is normal for them

if we look at product quality d) according to the control method, open-loop control (manual control) and closed-loop control (active control) are the lifeline of the enterprise, then product research and development is the source of this lifeline. Therefore, the members of the experimental team have a strong sense of mission. Starting from product research and development, try to avoid problems that can be thought of, guard the door of good quality, and hope to use the most rigorous test conditions to create products with the most reliable quality and users' trust

in Turpan for more than ten days, the test team passed through Flaming Mountain every day, but everyone didn't go to this scenic spot to really visit it. They said, "when there is no test to follow, we don't want to go out, hot and tired. We all stay in the hotel, deal with the work in Jinan, and prepare the materials and data for the next test"

for them, the most relaxing moment of the day is when it gets dark at 10 p.m. everyone is sitting around the courtyard of the hotel. Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Ningbo and other regions have initially formed a new material industry cluster, eating watermelons and chatting. "Ha, the most unforgettable is the watermelon in Turpan, which is really delicious." When the team members talked about watermelon, their knowing smiles made such a group of normally unsmiling technicians suddenly vivid and cute

the "panning and refining of real gold" in the hot area was successfully completed, and the team members and the test team rushed to Dunhuang nonstop to start a new round of test - plateau test. On the occasion of bidding farewell to Turpan, they met a transportation team composed of howo-t series. In addition to the cordiality and carefree life of meeting old friends in other places, pride and sense of achievement spread among the team members

"at that moment, all the bitterness became sweet."—— The team members made sweet comments for the Turpan trip of the experimental team this year. (this article is from sinotruk)

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