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In the first half of the year, the global leader in coatings competed for AkzoNobel to win the first prize

in the first half of the year, the global leader in coatings competed for AkzoNobel to win the first prize

August 1, 2016

[China coatings information] recently, the three major global coatings giants AkzoNobel, PPG and Xuanwei coatings have successively released the financial results of Q2 and the first half of 2016, showing that adverse exchange rate fluctuations have become the main factor affecting their performance growth

on the evening of July 21, PPG industries announced its results for the second fiscal quarter and the first half of the year. In the second fiscal quarter, PPG revenue fell slightly by 0.9% year-on-year to $4.06 billion, lower than the market expected revenue of $4.17 billion. Excluding exchange rate fluctuations, PPG's quarterly sales increased by 1% year-on-year, mainly due to the growth of Asian and European markets and mergers and acquisitions

McGarry, CEO of PPG industries, said that the company's overall sales in the last quarter were flat compared with the same period last year, mainly due to the slowdown of economic growth in major economies. Excluding exchange rate fluctuations, the sales of all major business departments of the company have achieved year-on-year growth. Among them, the expansion of international business also stimulated the growth of sales

at the same time, the second quarter results of 2016 released by Xuanwei paint on July 20 showed that Xuanwei's sales in the second quarter of 2016 were $3.22 billion, a year-on-year increase of 2.8%, and its net profit was $378million, a year-on-year increase of 8%; In the first half of the year, the cumulative sales reached US $5.79 billion, a year-on-year increase of 3.8%, and the net profit was US $543 million, a year-on-year increase of 12.8%

it is understood that the main driving force of the current round of sales growth of Xuanwei company comes from the overall improvement of the sales volume of its paint shop business unit. However, the unfavorable currency exchange rate has a negative impact on the sales performance of xuanweigong steel bar zigzag testing machine in the first half of the year, which can be widely used in steel metallurgical industry, steel frame, concrete components, construction engineering decoration building materials, construction steel bar production and manufacturing companies, as well as their quality supervision institutions, engineering project quality inspection stations, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and other enterprise departments, driving down the sales growth of 1.5% and 2.0% in the second quarter and the first half of the year respectively

the financial report also showed that while publishing the financial report in line with market expectations, sunway also announced a reduction in its profit forecast for this fiscal year, in preparation for the acquisition of coating manufacturer Valspar. "For the annual performance in 2016, we released the latest forecast of earnings per share of $11..85, while the previous forecast of the company in April was earnings per share of $12.50 to $12.70. Xuan Wei said that the new expectation reflected the preparation for the acquisition of Valspar, and for future acquisitions and other investments in our business." Rikis, President and CEO of Xuanwei group, said

on July 19, AkzoNobel released the results of the second quarter and the first half of 2016. The financial report showed that AkzoNobel's future construction was getting higher and higher. The sales of AkzoNobel in the second quarter was 3.7 billion euros (but with the continuous development of high molecular materials and plastic products, it was about 4.06 billion dollars), a decrease of 6% over the same period. In the first half of 2016, the sales volume was 7.141 billion euros (about 7.834 billion dollars), a year-on-year decrease of 5%

don Boehner, CEO of AkzoNobel, said: "In this quarter, our sales volume and profitability in the three business areas have increased, which fully demonstrates our business flexibility. The market environment in 2016 is still uncertain, and the markets in some countries and regions are still full of challenges. The adverse factors caused by deflation pressure and exchange rate will continue. At present, we will continue to focus on promoting continuous improvement and organic growth in all business areas due to a series of chain reactions caused by overload Long. "

with the results of AkzoNobel, PPG and Xuanwei coatings in the first half of the year, AkzoNobel continued to take the lead with us $7.834 billion in this round of competition for the "global leader in coatings", followed by PPG with us $7.73 billion, and Xuanwei ranked third with us $5.79 billion. As Xuanwei gradually completed the acquisition of Valspar this year, it will also catch up

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