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Yesterday, Chengdu opened the "fresh film inspection action" for wholesale markets, shopping malls and supermarkets in the city, and entrusted the Municipal Quality Inspection Institute to take samples for testing. It is expected that the results will be available in about 10 days at the fastest. For the low-grade powder resources of FMG or PVC fresh-keeping film that are not marked with PE in the current port spot, the Department of industry and commerce immediately ordered many enterprises from Chinese Mainland and Taiwan to withdraw from the cabinet and stop selling. The sampling inspection will detect more than 20 batches of goods with output wiring removed. 12 batches were sampled yesterday, and sampling inspection will continue today. Free plastic wrap in supermarkets will be included in the plan

at about 11 a.m., law enforcement officers from the Consumer Protection Office of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and the first branch directly under the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce went to the lotus pond commodity trading and wholesale area to specially inspect the situation of the fresh-keeping film market. It is understood that the wholesale market has more than 20 merchants selling fresh-keeping film, which is a relatively centralized wholesale market for fresh-keeping film and food packaging bags in Chengdu

in a shop in hall 2, law enforcement officers found that a food preservative film produced in Wuxi was not marked with material. Industrial and commercial personnel said that this infringed on consumers' right to know, and there may be potential safety hazards, which is inconsistent with the relevant regulations. They immediately asked businesses to remove the cabinet and stop selling this kind of fresh-keeping film. The Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce has repeatedly stressed that all fresh-keeping films without PE or PVC and other relevant signs will be banned from sale, usually based on the brittleness of the measured materials. Worryingly, most of the fresh-keeping films in the wholesale market lack purchase and sales vouchers. In addition, there is basically no PE mark for fresh-keeping bags used for food packaging in the market

the consumer committee of Chengdu Province issued a proposal to major shopping malls and supermarkets in Chengdu yesterday, requiring that the use of free fresh-keeping film be publicized in a prominent place, indicating its material, and its product quality inspection report should be publicized if necessary. Of course, supermarkets should adopt PE fresh-keeping film as a top priority. A relevant person from the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision said that at present, there is no manufacturer of PVC fresh-keeping film in the province, but the Bureau will pay close attention to this matter

source: Sichuan West China Metropolis Daily

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