The hottest one fell again. I love beans. I really

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I love beans again! I really want to break my heart about stage safety.

the weather is getting cooler, and I'm used to silently adding a coat to myself in the morning.

I thought you could cool down and the wind and rain added.

I warmed myself up and walked unobstructed.

until I saw such an event.

on October 21, "potted brother" the weeknd was held in Mexico City. But in the middle of the concert, a device suddenly fell down and was far away from him, and the test speed was too fast or too slow, which would cause the test results to be different, and the head was only a few inches away

"bonsai brother" vikender held a concert and nearly had a safety accident

how to describe the mood at the moment? Anger? have a lingering fear? Lucky? It may fall to freezing point

if it's cold, you can add clothes and quilt

what if your heart is cold

how many times have you said stage safety, stage safety, stage safety

why do such stage safety accidents still occur frequently

do you have safety awareness in mind

have you taken human life safety seriously

did the staff fully communicate before the official performance

have you understood the needs of stage users

have you accumulated professional experience at ordinary times

fortunately, brother bonsai was in danger this time.

those stars who were really hit by stage equipment were really miserable.

Marilyn Manson

for example, when the star Marilyn Manson was hit by two pistol props, it is said that he also lost consciousness briefly at that time, which was quite serious

and Marilyn Manson, who recovered from the injury, also appeared in public, only to see that his legs had been fixed and he could only move in a wheelchair

Jacky Cheung

today, we won't talk about Jacky Cheung's great achievements in helping catch fugitives in concerts. We are concerned about serious stage safety issues. On October 21, 2002, Jacky Cheung's concert was held as scheduled at Hankou cultural and Sports Center, but before the performance began, an accident occurred - the audience stand collapsed in a large area, more than 1000 spectators fell off the stand, and nearly 100 spectators were injured to varying degrees

(Jacky Cheung wants to swear)

I have also seen the inventory of many stage accidents, one by one shocking. It turned out that the lifting platform was the culprit of many stage accidents

Quan Zhilong

last year, Quan Zhilong held his second "m.o.t.t.e" concert in Bangkok. After singing "boy", he accidentally fell off the lifting platform, and the lifting platform suddenly fell down without warning. At this time, our singer was singing enthusiastically in front of his fans without any knowledge

after that, Quan propped up his waist and walked in a bumpy wave to reappear on the stage, and the performance was still normal

Zhang Liangying

15 years ago, Zhang Liangying held a bang the world concert in Beijing. When she sang the third song at the beginning of the concert, Zhang Liangying directly fell off the open stage liftgate, and her legs and arms were injured

Li Yugang

in April this year, Li Yugang stood on the five meter high stage lifting platform, and suddenly the lifting platform made a loud noise, which made it unable to land, shaking and so on

after that, Li Yugang finished the performance by squatting all the way. And during the singing process, Li Yugang was unable to open his eyes for a time

after singing, Li Yugang also had obvious discomfort, and even walked unnaturally at the curtain call

Guo Fucheng

in January 2012, Guo Fucheng held the 17th "dancing feast" performance in the red hall to establish a regional coal storage center concert. At the end of the concert, the steel wire of the lifting platform where Aaron Kwok was located suddenly broke, suddenly fell like a jumping machine, and Aaron Kwok also fell nearly two meters


she sang in Shenzhen for 14 years. The three of them arrived at the concert. 1. Check that the electrical appliances were reliably grounded with bare copper wires. Halfway to the backstage, they were ready to change clothes. As a result, Hebe accidentally fell off the stage during the descent of the elevator. It is said that Hebe was a little in a trance at that time, but fortunately, he was OK

Huang Jiaju

is not the most serious injury. The most painful thing in the stage accident is the death of a life. Still can't get around the Huang Jiaju incident of that year! Because the stage collapsed and fell off the stage, Huang Jiaju finally died due to ineffective rescue

Huang Jianfu

there are far more than one death consequences. On the last day of 2005, Qi Qin's Beijing concert was on-site, but the band drummer Huang Jianfu asked Qi Qin to return and sing the closing song "about winter". During the singing process, Huang Jianfu accidentally stepped into the air and fell into the hole of the lifting platform

unfortunately, Huang Jianfu died because of massive bleeding on the bridge of his nose and blood reflux blocking his trachea

are all fresh human lives! Friends! Is this an apology, a bow and a compensation that can solve the problem? Who can afford this?! No one can afford it!!! If the alarm is sounded in advance, maintain the absolute safety vigilance before, during and after the performance. If the equipment inspection is not enough once, twice again, carefully and carefully!!! Can accidents be avoided? Can human life be saved? How many people have fluke mentality and lazy cancer, in the final analysis, is the lack of heart, the lack of awe for life

how many people dream that there is no accident on the stage. We also hope that there is no accident on the stage, and it is not really just a dream

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