The hottest one is a 33 trillion industry that can

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A super tuyere that can overturn the tradition! 33 trillion industries are about to burst

a super tuyere that can overturn the tradition! 33 trillion industries are about to burst

China Construction Machinery Information

looking back on 2017, when you were fleeing Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the United States was scrambling for money and talent around the world, and a flu caused the middle class to panic. The world is changeable, and the only constant is your never give up dream

in the past year, Wang Jianlin sold Wanda Plaza at a sale, making great strides towards the road of asset light; Lei Jun led Xiaomi to hit the bottom and rebound, ushering in another era of leibus; Miss Dong Mingzhu still spoke for made in China, shelling the attack of barbarians in the capital market; Wang Xiaochuan went to the U.S. market to ring the bell, and finally to end the career of single diamond Wang Laowu; Ma Yun was unwilling to be lonely and kept sweeping away the real economy. Then he began the road of acting again

behind success and applause are stories, so who will be the successor in the next decade

in the era of rapid change, it is more important to look at the trend than diligence.

the times seem to change faster and faster, Internet, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence All kinds of new things emerge in endlessly, but people are not always coerced by the great times and can't help moving forward. They can also live well in the tide of the times through their own struggle

everyone will have oneortwo opportunities in his life. As long as he can seize them, he can live well in the tide of the times through his own struggle. The key depends on whether you can grasp them

what is the air outlet at this stage

after six years of reshuffle,

now the physical store has indeed reached the most critical moment of life and death

however, please remember:

the best business model must be born in the most chaotic era

in this era, scenes are products, sharing is access, cross-border is links, and popularity is traffic

at this time, most "physical stores" can't see the trend clearly, so the business is very depressed, resulting in the continuous reduction of rent. The two finally returned to the same starting line! Return to zero and compete fairly

and this is exactly the biggest opportunity for "physical stores"

if you give me a chip, I will bet that the physical store will win

today, someone has fired the first shot in this vast blue ocean

in Hangzhou, Alibaba's hometown by the West Lake, an Internet brand called "bforce cloud map" is rising rapidly. After half a year of layout in 2017, it has more than 150 partners across the country. In 2018, it will be comprehensively upgraded to create "cloud map fly", which is expected to surpass "meituan"

cloud fly enables offline physical stores to be online in a VR panoramic way, allowing retail to change from flow thinking to super member thinking, helping to establish a sustainable and trusted sharing relationship between retail industry and consumers. The adhesive made with conventional technology is usually an electrical insulation platform

through cloud chart fly, we can help businesses improve their service experience for consumers, create super members, bring in the new with the old, solicit customers by word of mouth, provide efficient drainage, and self support by members, so as to combine online and offline, and enable physical businesses to successfully transform and upgrade

1 core value of cloud fly:

core value 1: offline scene online: stay at home, let consumers feel the real shopping experience of zero distance through VR panorama

cloud fly creates a fourth generation new store form that transcends the virtual and real integration of physical stores, Taobao and micro stores. It integrates physical stores, stores and micro stores, and integrates advanced panoramic technology to restore the real scene of physical stores, Users can interact and share in it anytime, anywhere, and experience panoramic shopping in a multi-dimensional and immersive way


you are going to invite friends to the restaurant for dinner, but you know nothing about the environment and scale of the restaurant. At this time, you can find restaurant a through yuntu fly, enter the VR store, and have a 720 degree comprehensive understanding of the environment, introduction, surrounding environment, location, dishes and box conditions of the restaurant. If you feel OK, you can place an order directly to make an appointment, Then take a friend and click the navigation to go directly to restaurant a. At this time, the restaurant you arrive at is exactly the same as what you saw in the VR store. Finding the box you booked can not only avoid the embarrassment of inconsistent environment, but also save your waiting time and eat satisfactory dishes

long press to identify the QR code, VR experience restaurant

core value 2: create super members: build your own super members with emotional data, and build your own system with precipitation data

cloud fly has changed the traditional marketing mode brought about by the cold flow thinking, and cultivated the traditional shopping guide into a super shopping guide. Through the label of members, super shopping guide starts with the conversion rate and ARPU value of fans, retains and develops super members - regular customers and members, and does emotional and warm marketing, establishing a sustainable and trusted formal relationship between merchants and consumers. Finally, help businesses use emotional big data to drive the transformation and upgrading of retail, and effectively improve the operation of businesses. 1 Break camp efficiency and build your own super members and systems


Xiaomei is a girl who pursues fashion and likes to buy all kinds of clothes. One day, Xiaomei went to buy clothes. She went to a store and looked good at the facade, so she walked in and the store guide said, "Xiaomei, welcome, is the last clothes suitable? Our latest clothes are very suitable for you, and the price is very favorable for you." Xiaomei is very strange: how do you know me? The original shopping guide has upgraded Xiaomei to a super member of the business through the previous user tag, enjoying the highest discount

core value 3: cross border sharing: the alliance of businesses with different industries enables members to share cross-border revenue

Jinan assay of yuntu fly platform Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd., the largest experimental machine manufacturer in China. After realizing the business alliance, businesses realize resource sharing between businesses and efficient drainage through the platform; When a member recommended by a business to another business consumes in the store, the recommending business will gain profits


if you are a member of a clothing store, B shoe store has reached an alliance with A. when you enjoy member services and discounts in a store, B store will get your consumption information at the same time. According to the big data matching, B store can accurately push the coupons and other marketing information of our store to you in a store, prompting you to go to B store for consumption. Of course, if it is from a clothing store to B shoe store for consumption, A clothing store will also receive the sales commission income of the customer in B shoe store

2 the difference between cloud picture fly and traditional platforms such as meituan and pinduoduo

3 "partner" mode is the general trend

Premier Li once said, "there will be no more companies in the future, only platforms; there will be no bosses in the future, only entrepreneurial leaders; there will be no employees in the future, only partners."

from Alibaba, Huawei and Xiaomi to traditional industries like Vanke and Haier. These enterprises have once again confirmed that the partnership system will be the core law of the future development of enterprises

through cloud fly, consumers can get a more convenient, interesting and accurate consumption experience

with cloud fly, enterprises and businesses can obtain: the lowest cost, the most accurate users, and improve sales performance

but if you want to get more opportunities to create wealth, it is more recommended that you become the business partner of yuntu fly

what do business partners do? Simply put, it is the agent of yuntu fly in each region. This agent will receive the following two expected benefits:

income of district/county business partners

yuntu fly recruits business partners in each district/county-level administrative region across the country, and the business partners will enjoy the qualifications of development, service, management and so on in the authorized district/county market

1. Platform commission income: you will enjoy 20% of the Commission generated by the total consumption of the platform in your district/county. If the total annual consumption of a region on yuntu fly reaches 60million yuan (based on the integration of 500 merchants and the monthly sales of 10000 yuan per merchant), the income will reach 1.2 million yuan

2. Business empowerment income: in the authorized area, if you can integrate 500 businesses, each business will charge a minimum service fee of 3000 yuan, and your income will reach 1.5 million

more importantly, you will have a large database of business data and consumer portrait data in your region, which can provide various data services for local businesses to obtain data service revenue and advertising revenue

4 yuntu fly is recognized and supported by all sectors of society

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▼ yuntu fly platform incubation base ▼

headquarters support policy

business support: fully help business partners develop markets, develop customers, human resource management, and assist service providers to build organizational structures

training support: free training of business partners' industry knowledge, professional skills, team literacy and product operation knowledge

operation support: ensure that the whole marketing process can be clearer and smoother. In the early stage, the headquarters is responsible for providing perfect operation support and providing all-round business and technical support services

market support: help business partners plan the market, achieve set goals, and implement fair market protection policies

team support: the customer service call center obtains effective information and timely feedbacks to business partners

after sales support: our own technical team helps solve the problem of regular upgrading of the system to obtain more comprehensive and safer operation functions

5 seeing business opportunities does not mean seizing business opportunities

first of all, thank you for your patience! Secondly, if you are interested in becoming a business partner of yuntu fly platform, you can participate in the national business partner recruitment and assembly number of yuntu fly "Empowering · achieving the future | Internet + scene revolution Investment Summit"

meeting time: April 11-12, 2018

meeting place: Huanglong Hotel, Oriental apartment (Oriental Grand Hyatt, No. 88, Minxin Road, Qianjiang New City, Jianggan District, Hangzhou)

meeting content: chasing the "Internet +" outlet, yuntu fly product description

registration fee: the top 50 applicants apply for 980 yuan/person (complimentary star hotel accommodation that night); After 50, according to the original price of 1380 yuan/person



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