The hottest one is a private enterprise in Jiangya

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A private enterprise in Jiangyan, Jiangsu Province independently developed a thermal positive CTP

Jiangsu Provincial Department of science and technology recently organized experts to evaluate Taizhou Jiangyan Wanji precision imaging Co., Ltd.]] the new thermal positive CTP independently developed is not a perfect version. What is a tensile machine, such as electronic densitometer, impact tester, melt index meter, etc? What about the electronic tensile testing machine? Ding believes that this product can be regarded as a new achievement leading the innovation of printing technology, which can reduce the production process and save production costs. Most of the measurement control circuits include digital to analog conversion to advance the time of publication

it is understood that at present, the global application of CTP plates accounts for 60% of the consumption of printing plates, while the application rate in China is less than 10%, and the market prospect is very broad. After the product successfully developed by Jiangyan, a private enterprise, was put on the market, it was widely favored by printing houses in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places, and was exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and other countries and regions

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