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YITUO (Heilongjiang) Dongfanghong Industrial Park has a good start

Yituo (Heilongjiang) Dongfanghong Industrial Park has a good start

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core tip: with the help of China Yituo's sales network, Yituo Heilongjiang company has expanded its sales channels to Inner Mongolia, Jilin and other places. At present, 10 high-power tractors that are being rushed out of the country are about to be exported to Russia

along the wide cement road in Beiyuan Development Zone, Jianhua District, Qiqihar, several large trailers loaded with newly sold Dongfanghong high-power tractors are passing by the roadside in line. With infinite curiosity, I walked into the production workshop of Yituo (Heilongjiang) Dongfanghong Industrial Park Co., Ltd. to see the birth process of these "farmland King Kong" and feel the production boom here closely

in the spacious and bright production workshop, different models of tractors, large rice harvesters, and corn grain harvesters occupy one side of the workshop. Several workers and masters form a group to carry out welding, grinding, assembly and other work in an orderly manner

Yituo (Heilongjiang) Dongfanghong Industrial Park has a good start.

looking at the work scene in front of us, Shi Hongtao, assistant general manager, said with emotion, "the birth of every new product and the full affirmation given by every customer are great encouragement and encouragement for us. In order to achieve the new goal, we will introduce more and better products to the market as soon as possible and create new growth value in the new opportunities."

technology is the primary productive force. China Yituo has always put R & D and innovation at the forefront of the company's sustainable development. According to tangzhanlong, director of R & D, at present, Yituo (Heilongjiang) Dongfanghong Industrial Park Co., Ltd. has 17 scientific and technological R & D teams and 10 process R & D people. After several years of unremitting efforts, a number of R & D achievements have ushered in dividends for the enterprise. In particular, the grain combine harvester developed in 2016 was originally planned to produce 50 sets, but now 52 sets of deposit have been received, and 10 sets are under negotiation. The harvester with a price of about 400000 each will usher in a good start for this year's sales index

in May last year, the 220 horsepower rice combine harvester officially went offline, increasing the threshing performance of 6-7 kilograms per second to 11 kilograms, extending the cleaning area to 3 square meters, and the cleanliness index reached an unprecedented high. When the first test was carried out at the Jiansanjiang farm in zha'hayang, many farmers were attracted to the site to watch, and it was unanimously recognized that the farm immediately made a decision to purchase one set of synthetic raw materials for which it required to choose additives. The corn stalk and ear harvester developed in the same period not only prepares for the supply of animal husbandry, but also builds a strong guarantee for environmental issues such as straw incineration, and will become the leader of the new generation of corn harvesters. Through continuous improvement and upgrading, the corn grain harvester has achieved multiple functions such as high basic configuration, high cleaning index, high efficiency of harvesting or making some adhesive products. Compared with the operation in the same period, it can save farmers 50 yuan in a day

in the process of development, China Yituo has made a combination of internal and external expansion, laying a solid foundation for further seizing the market in the future. In terms of foreign cooperation, actively seek local suppliers supporting the company, expand channels, improve the supplier evaluation system, and strive to reduce procurement costs; In terms of production and manufacturing, we continue to overcome difficulties, innovate means and improve endogenous power. At present, except for some laser blanking parts which are subject to the capacity of equipment, all other sheet metal, welding and machining parts are self-made, and approved materials and materials are used in the production of raw material formula, specification and color on the basis of existing equipment; 2. It is necessary to strengthen production quality management and traceability management. Through technical improvement, the corn harvester and tractor production line have been formed, and the assembly efficiency has been greatly improved; In terms of internal management, we have established and improved the system of serving customers, established customer files for customers, systematically entered the products actually sold by dealers, and guaranteed farmers to enjoy the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery. Through a series of service measures, Yituo (Heilongjiang) Dongfanghong Industrial Park Co., Ltd. has significantly improved its service awareness and service quality, and gained a good reputation among customers

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