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Sign 21 orders in one hour! Hexing, meiyingsen and other factories rush to explode Xuheng new machine

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on November 20, Xuheng Seiko 2020 opening day was successfully held in Shanghai. The theme of this event is "simplicity and excellence are superior to wisdom", adhering to its brand concept of "simplicity and excellence". It is particularly difficult for hundreds of colleagues in the packaging industry to gather at Xuheng Seiko in 2020

at the presentation, Xuheng Seiko signed large orders from 21 carton factories, including Hexing, meiyingsen, Yutong, and Dacheng packaging, which shocked the whole audience! Its ecut 1650 elite full-automatic waste cleaning and flattening die-cutting machine is topped by 7 on-site signing machines

simplicity is superior to wisdom

Xuheng Seiko 2020 open day ends perfectly

this open day activity has received strong support from industry association leaders and packaging colleagues. Zheng Hua, founder of Xuheng Seiko, Zhang Yaoquan, executive deputy director and Secretary General of China Packaging Federation, song Wenxian, Secretary General of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, Wu Yunbo, Executive Deputy Secretary General of paper products packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation Guohaixiang, the Secretary General of the contracting Committee of Shanghai contracting Association, Qiu Renjian, the executive deputy secretary general, Zhou Kai, the purchasing director of Hexing group, Ouyang Fengnian, the purchasing director of Suzhou plant of Yutong group, Chen Guian, the general manager of Herui group, song Baomin, the chairman of Huaying Group, Xi Yifei, the chairman of Dahong group, Chen Jialin, the general manager of Leying group, Zhao Guifa, the chairman of Tianjin Baide, and other guests attended the event

at the beginning of the event, Zhang Yaoquan, executive deputy director and Secretary General of China Packaging Federation, and song Wenxian, Secretary General of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, delivered opening speeches as representatives of the industry association

subsequently, Jean Pascal Bobst, CEO of boster group, who was unable to come to the scene due to the epidemic, also welcomed all guests in the form of video. Jean Pascal Bobst said that Xuheng Seiko is an important member of the Swiss boster group family. Boster and Xuheng Seiko have a high degree of complementarity. Since the completion of the merger and acquisition in 2011, they have achieved a dual brand strategy in the global market. With the strong support of boster group, Xudu has made significant improvements with the help of Tianshi Liheng equipment. Efficiency Gao Xuheng has achieved great success over the years without your support and trust. On behalf of boster group, he expressed his sincere thanks to you

brand upgrading for a hundred years

brand image renewal and upgrading of Xuheng Seiko

2020 is an extraordinary year for Xuheng Seiko, and it is also a year to start a new journey. This year, Xuheng Seiko officially launched a new brand recognition system for the world. This year, Xuheng Seiko successfully acquired Yancheng Hongjing. Dr. Xie Qiang, the managing director of Xuheng Seiko, delivered a keynote speech, reviewed the 25 year history of Xuheng, introduced the new products launched this year, interpreted the brand upgrading strategy and future development blueprint, and jointly launched the brand upgrading release ceremony with strategic partners. As a new brand concept, "simplicity and excellence" makes Xuheng's solid and reliable brand positioning clearer; The acquisition of Yancheng Hongjing is an important part of Xuheng's market strategy to expand its product portfolio and provide comprehensive solutions

since its establishment in 1995, Xuheng precision industry has developed the first fully automatic die-cutting machine in 1997; Officially joined boster group in 2011; In 2017, intelligent online E-line was launched for the first time; In 2019, with the help of the group, the new product identification system was launched; In January 2020, it acquired Yancheng Hongjing Technology Co., Ltd. and expanded its product line

now, the annual output value of Xuheng Seiko has grown from the initial 3million to 420million by 2020. The company has more than 5000 customers worldwide, including 2700 in China and more than 1000 in Europe and America. The company has 60 agents, distributors and service teams around the world. In 2018, the company also acquired European agents and established a European R & D and after-sales service base

whether it is brand upgrading or strategic mergers and acquisitions, Xuheng group is to better serve customers. Therefore, in 2019, the company launched the upgraded brand of Xuheng - on the basis of the original "medium to excellent at the same level", the company launched "simple to excellent" to better explain the brand positioning

in boster group, Xuheng Seiko implemented the dual brand strategy. Eterna brand focuses on customer needs, represents "simplicity and excellence", is dedicated, flexible and practical, and its goal is to integrate into the local market and meet customer needs. The Bobst brand is more focused on leading the innovation of products, with high efficiency, high output, reliability and high investment. It is committed to producing high-end and technologically leading equipment in the industry

according to Dr. Xie Qiang, the managing director, in terms of product planning, Xuheng group will adhere to its original intention, based on its own industry, expand its new product line, and provide customers with more comprehensive, higher quality and more practical comprehensive solutions. Xuheng Seiko hopes to give full play to its own advantages, expand its product line in terms of technical expertise in the field of post press packaging, better serve the needs of customers, work together with customers to actively improve the quality of the industry, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in the development and innovation exploration

pangchunhua of Shanghai Xuheng precision machinery manufacturing Dongtai Co., Ltd. mentioned in his speech that after joining Xuheng at the beginning of this year, through the strong cooperation between the two sides with complementary advantages, he has strengthened the continuous upgrading and breakthrough of the box pasting machine series products, launched two categories of basic and upgraded elite products and the box pasting and box pasting inspection machine for different customer needs, and accelerated the transformation of products from single machine to intelligent online. The integration of Xuheng Seiko's advantages has further promoted the innovation of the paste box industry and will promote the business expansion of Xuheng paste box machine at home and abroad

walk fast alone, and all walks far away. The achievements of Xuheng Seiko so far are the results of win-win cooperation of our partners. A grand signing ceremony for strategic partners was held at the event site. Xuheng Seiko officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hexing group, Yutong group, Herui group, Huaying Group, Dahong packaging group, Leying Paper Group and Tianjin Baide Paper Co., Ltd., indicating a far-reaching cooperative relationship in the future

simple and extraordinary, superior to wisdom

1450 die-cutting machine "keep wisdom and persistence", Huanxin launched

at 14:30 p.m., the veils of several mysterious "beauties" were unveiled - a series of models such as Xuheng Seiko's new 1450 full-automatic waste cleaning and flattening die-cutting machine, G-load paste box online paper feeder, new efoil 1060 elite bronzing machine, and the newly upgraded E-line 2.0 two-way dual-mode linkage line were all presented in front of you! Xuheng Seiko showed the latest R & D achievements in a very shocking way, allowing customers to feel its high-end quality and the spirit of excellence at a close distance

on the same day, Xuheng Seiko showed the industry 13 types of high-quality equipment, including equipment suitable for processing cardboard, corrugated and color paper. Among them are four full-automatic flat pressing die-cutting machines with waste cleaning (ecut 1650 elite Sal, ecut 1450 e, ecut 1450 SL, ecut 1060 elite ER), two full-automatic box pasting machines of efold series (efold 1700 C2, efold 1450 C2), a full-automatic box pasting machine of efold series (efold 900 elite C6), as well as peripheral auxiliary equipment G-load box pasting online paper feeder, e-turn stack turnover machine, E-load paper feeder, e-pal stacker, E-break separator

on that day, Xuheng Seiko exhibited two types of equipment: the new ecut 1450 series die cutting machine (including ecut 1450 e, ecut 1450 SL, ecut 1450 SAL) and the new efoil 1060 elite bronzing machine

Ecut 1450 series die-cutting machine is mainly used in milk cartons, cosmetic boxes, shoe boxes and other packaging products. The equipment can be connected to the line combination to realize intelligent production. The equipment follows Xuheng's product line of "simplicity to excellence", forming a full range of E, SA, Sal and SL products with different paper receiving and feeding functions in the same size

according to Mr. Yang Jieren, senior assistant to the general manager of Shanghai Xuheng Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., this machine adopts the up suction Feida of new technology, which can take into account the die-cutting production of paperboard and corrugated board. Both paper feeding and receiving can be equipped with a fully automatic non-stop system, which can better help customers effectively control labor costs and improve production efficiency while meeting customers' diverse needs

○ product features:

steel structure; Fully automatic non-stop system; Automatic lubrication system; New PLC operating system; Clear and discard quick lock; interface; Safety protection

○ technical parameters:

maximum paper size: 1450 × 1100mm, minimum paper size 580 × 500mm, maximum mechanical speed 6000s/h, maximum shearing force 400ton, maximum height of paper feeding stack (including pallet) 1750mm, maximum height of paper receiving stack (including pallet) 1550mm, maximum die cutting range 1450 × 1085mm, die cutting pressure adjustment range ± 1.2mm

efold 1450 box pasting and inspection machine is mainly suitable for box pasting and inspection of large and medium-sized packaging, suitable for mounting 300g-800g cardboard, 1mm-10mm corrugated packaging and E, B, C, a five layer corrugated cardboard

○ product features:

Lingyun's testing equipment is added, which can replace manual sampling inspection, greatly saving labor costs. At the same time, it makes up for the defect that there are still some missed inspections in the accuracy of manual detection due to visual fatigue, so as to achieve reliable quality assurance

the perfect cooperation between the box pasting machine and the inspection machine can detect the defects such as hyphenation, dirty spots, missing printing, flying ink, pasted board, overprint offset, bronzing defects, wrinkles and so on for customers, and realize automatic elimination. The overall debugging is simple and easy to operate. The standard remote control operation system is equipped. The transmission structure adopts grouping independent motor transmission, and the operation is stable

in addition, in order to perfectly connect the die-cutting machine and the box pasting machine, Xuheng Seiko has also developed a new supporting auxiliary equipment - G-load box pasting online paper feeder. This small equipment, together with the slicer and the auxiliary equipment of the back channel, can connect the carton production process from die cutting to box pasting inspection products into a full-automatic production line, which is very intelligent and efficient

○ technical parameters:

paper specification: Max 1450 × 650mm, min. 400 × 200mm;

height of single batch paper stack: max. 300mm

weight of single batch paper stack: max. 150kg

at the same time, Xuheng Seiko launched intelligent online E-line 2.0, which has made a new upgrade on the basis of E-line 1.0 in 2017. From the paper receiving machine, die-cutting machine, slicing machine, to the stacker, manipulator, box pasting machine, paper feeder, and connected to the box pasting machine, this is the effort made by Xuheng on the intelligent connection line after purchasing the impact testing machine

the guests were full of praise for the samples produced on site. Hua Yin saw that a guest couldn't put down the samples produced by Xuheng Seiko ecut 1450 e series full-automatic waste cleaning and flattening die-cutting machine. With the consent of the staff, she folded the two samples and happily packed them away

other guests held up samples of beer cartons produced by efold 1700 C2 series automatic cartoning machine and kept consulting the production personnel of Xuheng Seiko. Until the end of the on-site demonstration, many guests were discussing the details of equipment procurement with the sales staff

customer recognition stems from Xuheng Seiko's unremitting pursuit of quality! Over the years, Xuheng Seiko has always adhered to the business philosophy of creating high-quality products for customers, and always put quality first in development. Each product has been strictly and carefully tested, starting from the details, every

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