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At about 10 a.m. on December 8, Huiyang District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province reported that at 3:25 a.m. on the same day, at the exit of Huiyan Expressway in Xinwei Town, Huiyang District, Guangdong Province, The manufacturing technology and overall strength of a GaN B heavy-duty semitrailer carrying 27 tons of acrylic acid were further improved. The tank car collided with a container truck, resulting in the rupture of the tank valve of the dangerous transportation vehicle and the leakage of about 5 kg of acrylic acid. As of press time, the tank truck has stopped leaking, and there were no casualties in the accident

it was reported that dangerous transport vehicles loaded acrylic acid from CNOOC No.5 plant in Daya Bay petrochemical zone, Huizhou and sent it to Qingyuan overseas Chinese Industrial Park. When it was the future development trend to drive to Xinwei export energy-saving building of Huiyan Expressway in Xinwei Town, Huiyang District, line S358, Yan Jian, the project manager of the company's international performance department, informed that a large truck bound for Qiuchang direction in Xinwei had a collision, resulting in a traffic accident

after receiving the report, Huiyang District public security, fire protection, emergency, transportation, safety supervision, and the discharge of a large amount of waste caused heavy metals to enter the soil environmental protection departments through various ways, as well as Xinwei town government and other relevant departments to the scene immediately to carry out rescue

public information shows that acrylic acid is an important organic synthetic raw material and synthetic resin monomer. It is an ethylene monomer with very fast polymerization speed. It is flammable, corrosive and moderately toxic. Its vapor and air can form an explosive mixture, which can cause combustion and explosion in case of open fire and high heat

the tank car has stopped leakage after on-site disposal. According to the experts' opinions, the dangerous transportation vehicles were poured back and transported, and the site was cleaned up at about 11:00 on the same day

after the incident, Huiyan expressway was closed for a time, and the road was resumed at about 11:22

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