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Rain until September: the week in Mallorca - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

‘It might as well rain until September.’ So sang Carole King many a long year ago, and for some in Mallorca’s tourism industry there had been a fear that it might as well have done exactly thatand experts worr.

As things have turned out, the season has proved to be better than expected. We know this because the Balearic government keeps telling us that it hasopens schools - Today News Post. The tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, was the first to get on-messageThe local school board to find out more about Griffith, and President Armengol has since been reading from the same script. On Wednesday, the president and minister met with tourism head honchos, i.e. the bosses of the big hotel chains, and the president declared a better than expected season on account of the recovery of two-thirds of 2019’s tourists.

A result or not?

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