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The popularity of "private customization" has made customization quickly become the focus of attention. Its customized and personalized design characteristics have attracted the attention and love of young and middle-aged consumer groups

"private customization" is hot, which makes customization quickly become the focus of attention. Its customized and personalized design characteristics have attracted the attention and love of young and middle-aged consumer groups. And "design" naturally occupies an important position in customization

in the just concluded intermediate promotion training of Rheinland egger dealer designers, Rheinland egger's service concept of "design first" has been fully reflected. In terminal sales, design often runs through the whole service process. Customers often have more contact with designers, and good design is easier to win the trust and favor of customers. This training aims to enhance the ability of designers, improve design efficiency, solve various difficulties in design, and better serve customers

the training camp was planned by Rheinland egger business school, with three lecturers, Mr. Ni, Mr. Tang and Mr. Zhou, senior designers of Rheinland egger. The course covers the whole process of measuring ruler, design and order placing, and analyzes and explains the products, hardware accessories and other aspects for the outstanding designers of Rheinland egger from all over the country

in order to improve the work efficiency of the terminal store and the company headquarters, Mr. Tang and Mr. Zhou first clarified the design standards and details for the students from the aspects of the design drawing specifications, the order placing process and precautions, combined with their own experience and product characteristics

then, Mr. Ni, a senior designer of Rheinland egger, first carried out detailed analysis and experience sharing for different products. Explain the design concept, zoning, composition and other aspects, and show the parameters and applications of functional hardware and finished hardware

after consolidating the design foundation, teacher Ni led the students to analyze the cases of mistakes in design and drawing, so as to further deepen the product impression. Then, simulate the house type on site to design and map, enhance the designer's practical ability, select cases for analysis, and strengthen the knowledge of measuring scale

after the four-day design course, the students went to visit Rheinland egger production base and direct stores to understand the production process again, enhance their impression and confirm what they learned

after the course, the students expressed that they had benefited a lot. As a designer, we should not only be familiar with products, but also have unique market sense. Through training, integrating design and sales can help terminal stores improve industry competitiveness, increase customer value and work efficiency

Rheinland egger takes "design" as the soul, and truly dedicates customized products. The diversity of products and styles provides consumers with broader choices

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