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How about the feng shui of house decoration is actually related to our own future information, and do you know what Feng Shui we need to pay attention to when decorating a house? Now master will share some Feng Shui about decorating the house for you. You might as well learn about it with master

Feng Shui that should be paid attention to when decorating a house 7. Determine the desire of the living room orientation</p>
<p>first draw a plan of the living room, mark the positions of the doors and windows in detail, divide the living room into nine equal parts, and mark the corresponding directions of the eight desires of life. Draw the center point of the living room, and then use a compass to determine the orientation of the living room, especially the position of the door. Then you can catalyze the eight desires of life according to the principle of five elements generating and conquering each other.</p>
<p>8, northeast, northwest North</p>
<p>due north, business luck, black and blue. Due north represents business luck, which belongs to water travel, and the preferred color is blue or black. Placing objects belonging to water in this position is helpful to the career of residents, such as fish tanks, landscape paintings, water tankers, etc. Or you can put black metal jewelry, because gold can make water</p>
<p>northwest, good luck, white. The northwest orientation of the living room helps to increase your transportation and interpersonal relationships. This area is gold, suitable for placing white, gold or silver metal ornaments, such as metal carvings or table lamps with white circular lampshades on metal bases. Stringing six ancient coins with red ropes or hanging six hollow metal wind chimes can also attract noble people</p>
<p>northeast, Wenchang, yellow. If a child is about to take the exam, it is best to pay attention to the Feng Shui layout in this direction. This area is earthy, and its favorite colors are yellow and earthy. Native objects such as ceramic vases are suitable for enhancing the energy of this area. Natural crystal is also very effective</p>
<p>Feng Shui taboo in house decoration</p>
<p>bed of Feng Shui taboo in house decoration</p>
<p>the placement position of the bed cannot face west, because the earth turns from east to west, if the head faces west, sleep is less stable; The bed can't face the mirror, because people are half awake and are easily frightened by the image in the mirror; The bed water can carry the door behind its back, which will make people feel no sense of completeness and affect their rest</p>
<p>bedroom door of Feng Shui taboo in house decoration (fortune telling)</p>
<p>bedroom door cannot be directly facing the kitchen door, bathroom room, storage room door. Kitchen and toilet are places where turbidity occurs. If the bedroom is relatively long-term, it will be washed by turbidity. The storage room is dark and messy with sundries piled all year round. It should not be opposite, because in Feng Shui, these will affect the environment of the whole bedroom space, and indirectly affect the physical and mental health of residents</p>
<p>light forbidden by Feng Shui in house decoration</p>
<p>the light in the bedroom should not be too strong, because the bed is a resting place, strong light is easy to make the mood uneasy, and curtains can be installed to reduce the light of the whole space; However, the light in the living room space needs to be brighter. A bright living room can bring prosperity to the family. On the contrary, it may lead to financial disruption. Therefore, the living room should have windows and natural light all year round, which is a great blessing</p>
<p>the entrance of Feng Shui taboo in house decoration</p>
<p>the entrance is like the throat of the human body, and its Feng Shui function is very important. Many people come into the living room to see the hall ghost. In order to block the ghost, the porch is set up, but the ceiling of the porch should be high rather than low. Too low will give people a sense of oppression. It is a bad omen in Feng Shui, symbolizing that the family is difficult to get out of the pass and is constrained by oppression; In addition, when decorating the porch, mirror glass cannot be used, and the mirror with reflection usually cannot face the door, which will reflect the wealth of the home</p>
<p>ceiling, a Feng Shui taboo in house decoration</p>
<p>attention should be paid to the decoration of the living room. The top pressing of the beam is a big taboo, and attention should be paid to the decoration of the ceiling. Nowadays, most of the decoration will be suspended ceilings, but when it comes to suspended ceilings, you need to pay attention not to do too much complicated decoration, because the current house has a low floor height. If the suspended ceilings are complex, they will appear depressed, and people will feel uncomfortable living here. And the height of the layer is not suitable for wind and gas accumulation. Wealth cannot be retained, and turbid gas cannot be discharged</p>
<p>restaurant of Feng Shui taboo in house decoration</p>
<p>the table is facing the door, so it is easy to leak money, so pay attention to the location of the table. Residential Feng Shui stresses

if the dining table is in line with the door, standing outside the door, you can see a family eating, which is by no means appropriate. And in restaurant Feng Shui, it's best to choose a round table, which means reunion and happiness

Feng Shui of house decoration

3. Balcony decoration. The balcony belongs to the place that accepts the aura of heaven and earth in the feng shui of the decorated house, and its importance is self-evident. In Feng Shui, there is a saying that "the purple gas comes from the East", which means the auspicious gas. Therefore, the location of the balcony should be in the east of the whole house to facilitate the acceptance of the auspicious gas

4. Toilet decoration. How should we look at Feng Shui in toilet decoration? The most direct and simple way is to see whether the toilet is in the center of the house and in the auspicious position of the whole home orientation. If it is, it only needs to be changed. In addition, the door of the toilet must be clearly separated from the living room, bedroom, kitchen and other Suites to ensure that the filthy gas will not pollute other rooms

kitchen is one of the most important places in the home, and kitchen Feng Shui is also the key to affecting the whole household Feng Shui. Here are ten kitchen Feng Shui taboos to popularize. Don't make them if you are optimistic

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 1: the kitchen door is facing the door. This space is easy to form a hall evil, which is the most serious one of the hall evil. Kitchen door to back door, family money inexplicably spend will be very serious. It will also damage the health of women in the family

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 2: the kitchen door cannot be directly opposite the bedroom door, otherwise it is easy to cause the residents to be dizzy and grumpy

kitchen Feng Shui three taboos: the kitchen, as the source of large and small stomachs, must be lucky. The toilet is an unclean place, and the kitchen represents fire, and the toilet represents water. Water and fire are incompatible, which will lead to family unrest

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 4: the kitchen and toilet are the same door, and the water and fire are excessive, which is very unlucky; In addition, if you go to the toilet first and then enter the kitchen, your appetite will be affected

kitchen Feng Shui five taboos: when the kitchen floor is higher than the floor of the hall, room and other floors, the sewage is easy to flow back; Secondly, due to the difference between primary and secondary, the kitchen should not be above the hall and room; Once again, when serving food from the kitchen into the hall, it should be promoted step by step, otherwise there is a risk of returning money

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 6: the balcony is the protruding thing of the whole building, and it has no grounding gas. Many people want to use the balcony as a kitchen, but it will infect the clothes that are drying

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 7: the stove in the kitchen cannot be directly facing the refrigerator and sink: the refrigerator also represents the place of storage and wealth accumulation. Its nature is water, and it is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to cause family members' health problems

eight taboos of kitchen Feng Shui: all places that often go in and out and operate should not be under pressure, especially the stove as a platform for food production

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 9: there are two biggest problems with opening windows behind gas stoves:




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