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Koroya wall cloth protects household appliances and family health. Let children and the elderly feel the peace of the years in a healthier and antistatic environment

Xiao Wu is a newly married post-90s bride

before the marriage leave was over, something happened, which made Xiao Wu and her husband depressed, and the joy of their wedding was greatly reduced - before, because the wedding was busy, they calmed down during the marriage leave, and unexpectedly found a room of white flocculent dust covered on the wall cloth

the decoration of the new house began more than a year ago, during which people came and went, and it was ventilated for several months after the decoration was completed and the furniture was in place. Until the wedding is approaching, it is natural to only pay attention to the ground when cleaning

at first glance, I think of living in this fine dust recently, and not only do I think of my physical discomfort to varying degrees

my husband, a teacher, has been having trouble with his throat. Before, he thought it was hard to teach. He rested at home and relaxed mentally before he broke out with pharyngitis. Now think about it, whether it's early or late is what happens after you live in your new house

Xiao Wu's skin is very good together, but after living in his new house, he has been suffering from pimples and allergies. The dermatologist said it was mite damage, but Mingming had all the bedding treated to remove mites and rubbed a lot of ointment, but it was still useless

now it seems that the dust adsorbed on the wall cloth is causing trouble

in fact, the harm of electrostatic dust collection on the wall cloth is far from serious

static electricity may even pose a threat to life

it will affect electrical appliances. The more precise it is, the easier it will be affected. For example, cardiac pacemakers...

static electricity is harmful to human heart and central nervous system. The drier it is in the north, the more obvious the symptoms will be

in winter, about 1/3 of cardiovascular diseases are related to static electricity. Especially for the elderly and infants, static electricity can induce premature beats, arrhythmias and other diseases

once static electricity is regulated in the human body, it will stimulate the central nervous system and cause mental diseases such as dizziness, headache and restlessness in adults

if household products contain static electricity, they will absorb a lot of dust, become the "host" of a variety of viruses, bacteria and harmful substances, and endanger the health of their families over the years

a healthy wall cloth starts with anti-static

koloya wall cloth protects household appliances and family health. Let children and the elderly feel the peace of the years in a healthier and antistatic environment

"the wind passes silently" c57xx111-1

"dialogue with the valley" c57x110-2

"hazy rainy night" c61x-17a

"babolitz" c65x-02f

"white space" c68x-11b

koroya wall cloth follows the artistic whole and details, pays attention to the combination of aesthetics and practicality, and realizes the "dream of getting home from the house" for people. Koroya integrates the wall cloth into art and art into life

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