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Sunshine room, also known as glass room, is a building built with glass and metal frames. Its most intuitive feature is to enjoy the sun and get close to nature. Xiaobaijun will introduce some design details of sunshine room to you today

sunshine room is also called glass room

it is a building built with glass and metal framework

its most intuitive feature is to enjoy the sun and get close to nature

xiaobaijun today introduces some design details of sunshine room

floor tiles

sunshine room design details I

when the owner plans the garden in the sunshine room, the floor tiles do not need to be paved too flat, and it is best to have a little gully, This is beneficial to the conservation of water and soil, and the natural geology and landform also adopt such a more environmental protection and scientific way. The corner of the floor drain on the roof should be properly lowered to facilitate the excessive water in the soil to be discharged from the floor drain. In addition, an isolation layer similar to non-woven fabric should be laid on the board to prevent water from taking sediment away and even blocking the pipeline in the process of leakage

plant selection

details of sunshine room design II

when the owner needs to plant some natural plants, please pay attention to selecting plant species that like humidity and heat, because the sunshine room has a long sunshine time and good sealing performance. When choosing, please know the orientation of your balcony. Due to different orientations, there are great differences in lighting. There is basically no sunshine on the north balcony in summer, on the contrary in the south, and only half a day of sunshine on the East and West balconies, so you should choose appropriate plant varieties according to the orientation. For example, the balcony faces south, and the illumination time is long. You can raise some flowers and plants that like sunshine, such as Milan, jasmine, Fusang, rose, etc. The balcony faces east or west. It's best to plant some vines, such as Lingxiao, mangrove, morning glory, etc. The balcony faces north, and some shade tolerant or semi shade tolerant plants can be planted, such as asparagus, evergreen, turtle backed bamboo, etc


details of Sunshine Room Design III

if the owner needs to arrange a corner in the sunshine room as a locker, there must not be too many plants near that corner, otherwise pay attention to the moisture-proof treatment of the locker

drainage system

details of sunshine house design IV

when designing sunshine house, attention should be paid to the setting of drainage system, especially the pool area should not be too large. If the water volume is large, it is easy to overflow, which will endanger the safety of the building over time. Doors and windows must be left in the design of sunshine house for ventilation

the sunshine room has a variety of uses. We can decide how to build the sunshine room according to our own needs. The sunshine room can also be transformed into a bar, a study, a kitchen, etc. but xiaobaijun thinks that the sunshine room should give full play to its function of enjoying the sun, which is simple and pure. Just like the feeling brought by the sunshine room of bailima, it does not need how complex patterns and structures, fade away from prosperity, and return to nature




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