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Italian imported bathroom brand teuco bathroom - Italian home

sanitary ware is a space for residents to urinate, bathe, wash and other daily health activities. It generally refers to sanitary ware, mainly including toilet, washbasin, bathroom cabinet, faucet, bathtub and shower room, etc

teuco sanitary ware is a high-end imported sanitary ware product from Italy. Teuco brand was founded in 1972. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of water flow massage bathtubs and multi-functional rain equipment. Teuco has been focusing on R & D and production of bathtub equipment that can meet users' higher enjoyment

teuco is committed to combining the functionality of products with aesthetic design to meet the needs of different users. Teuco's ultrasonic spa massage bathtub is famous all over the world. In terms of shape design, size selection and function innovation, it is deeply favored by high-end clubs and star rated hotels

teuco bathtub's ultrasonic wave acts on subcutaneous tissue and can perform three million deep massages per second. Its ultra silent spa function can reduce noise by 70%, so that people can more effectively enjoy the comfort and relaxation brought by spa





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