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With the implementation of various environmental protection laws, China's environmental monitoring has been gradually carried out and strengthened, playing an important role in environmental protection

the foundation is not firm, and the earth is shaking. As the "pillar" of eco-environmental protection, eco-environmental monitoring has always been an important foundation for the construction of ecological civilization and a strong support for the construction of an eco-environmental governance system and the modernization of governance capacity. Monitoring quality is the lifeline of ecological environment monitoring, and ensuring monitoring quality is the bottom line of environmental monitoring units

the three-year action plan was printed and distributed, and the prosperity of the environmental monitoring sector rose.

from 2015, a local environmental protection bureau sprayed water on the air monitoring instruments with a sprinkler, to 2016, the Chang'an Branch of Xi'an Environmental Protection Bureau became the first local government department to be handed over to the judiciary due to falsification of monitoring data after the implementation of the new environmental protection law due to "wearing a mask" on the air sampler and filling cotton yarn, In recent years, under the strict supervision of relevant departments in China and the effective supervision of the broad masses of the people, these various incidents of falsification of environmental monitoring data have been exposed one after another, and the units and personnel involved have also been duly punished. While delighted with the strengthening of China's environmental monitoring and supervision and the enhancement of the national awareness of environmental protection, people also have to reflect on why these counterfeiting incidents occurred and what measures can be taken to prevent such incidents from happening again

recently, the three-year action plan for quality supervision and inspection of ecological environment monitoring (hereinafter referred to as the "three-year action plan") issued by the Ministry of ecological environment put this issue on the table, and put forward specific action objectives and plans for further implementing the "opinions on deepening environmental monitoring reform and improving the quality of environmental monitoring data". The three-year action plan specifies that by 2020, a sound quality assurance system for eco-environmental monitoring data will be basically realized to effectively curb the falsification of monitoring data and ensure that eco-environmental monitoring data are true, accurate and objective. In the third quarter of 2017, three types of main bodies, namely, ecological environment monitoring institutions, pollutant discharge units and operation and maintenance institutions, became the objects of this supervision and inspection. The prosperity of the environmental monitoring sector has risen, and the relevant markets will usher in another development boom

the environmental monitoring industry of the air outlet on the integrated enterprise station has accelerated the reshuffle.

the three-year action plan states that it will implement the special inspection of the data quality of the ecological environment monitoring organization, the special inspection of the data quality of the self-monitoring of the pollution unit and the special inspection of the operation and maintenance quality of the automatic environmental monitoring once the board card is damaged. This year, we will focus on inspecting the operation and maintenance quality of ecological environment monitoring institutions in 10 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), key pollutant discharge units in the Yangtze River economic belt and 10% of the national ambient air automatic monitoring stations. Third party monitoring institutions, operation and maintenance units and environmental monitoring instrument manufacturers are facing development opportunities, as well as the challenge of industry reshuffle

previously, D parameter) most enterprises took the R & D, manufacturing and sales of environmental monitoring instruments as their main business scope. With the rise and change of market demand, a number of enterprises began to involve in spare parts supply, system integration, equipment manufacturing, operation services and other businesses. At the same time, in order to improve the independence and accuracy of environmental monitoring, China began to introduce a third-party monitoring organization to operate and maintain the automatic monitoring equipment, and the real-time data was directly uploaded to the corresponding superior environmental protection department. In order to ensure the quality of products, more and more environmental protection enterprises such as focus technology and Xuedi have started to provide operation and maintenance services in the downstream of the environmental monitoring industrial chain to enhance their competitiveness. Taking spotlight technology as an example, in recent years, the company has taken the integrated development path of "measurement, management and governance", and is committed to providing services for the industrial chain integrating environmental monitoring, management and governance. In particular, in the past year, it has successively won the bid for several major monitoring and management projects, including the data purchase service project of Township street air automatic stations in Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Heze, Zhejiang and other places, which can be described as a rising tide in the environmental monitoring market. As a leading enterprise in the environmental monitoring industry, Chevron is not willing to be outdone. Actively provide operation and maintenance services while developing and manufacturing environmental monitoring systems, gas analyzers and other equipment. In the future, those who can win development opportunities and market share in the field of environmental monitoring will be a number of high-tech enterprises integrating advanced monitoring technology products and operation and maintenance services. In contrast, enterprises lacking core technology and service capabilities will gradually be at a disadvantage in the market. Especially under a series of policies and measures such as the three-year action plan, the shuffling speed of the environmental monitoring industry will be further accelerated

industry insiders pointed out that the introduction of the three-year action plan marks the further enhancement of the government's attention to the quality of environmental monitoring, which is expected to effectively improve the standardization of the monitoring industry, and the market will tend to be more reliable leading companies. Of course, small and medium-sized enterprises and third-party monitoring institutions with development potential are not unable to "take a share". It is expected that in the future, under the strict supervision of relevant departments, the falsification of environmental monitoring data will not happen again. At the same time, with the technical support of the majority of environmental monitoring enterprises, China's environmental monitoring quality and capacity will also be improved

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