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On March 9, Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Finance organized experts to accept the sewage/water supply flow detection system and instruments of the national industrial technology achievement transformation project undertaken by Chongqing Chuanyi Automation Co., Ltd. The acceptance team listened to the summary report and financial audit report of the company's project team, reviewed the documents and materials to be replaced in time for acceptance, developed prefabricated perforated plastic tiles with high flexural and tensile strength by using North Korean raw materials and technologies, and inspected the production site. It believed that the project had completed the expected construction tasks and assessment indicators, and agreed to pass the acceptance. It spoke highly of the timely arrival of the company's self raised funds and the standardized and reasonable use of the financial allocation funds, and said that it would continue to support Sichuan Instrument in developing high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights in the future

based on the technical achievements of FCS distributed control system and combined with practical work, the project has completed the industrialized development and application solutions of sewage/water supply flow detection system (psa100), which meets the requirements of practical engineering applications. During the implementation of the project, 80 sets of sewage/water supply flow detection system (psa100) have been sold, with a sales revenue of 23million yuan and a profit and tax of 3.5 million yuan. 50 sets of various tooling equipment have been completed, including large-diameter pressure test devices Key equipment such as welding tooling, coil winding and forming tooling, electric board sealing test tooling, etc. for liner assembly; Complete the calibration of large-diameter water flow calibration system and large-diameter measurement standards; Complete the construction of high-precision vertical detection devices. A production line with an annual capacity of 15000 precision flow meters has been built. 15805 sets of intelligent flow meters have been produced, including various intelligent electromagnetic flow meters, vortex street flow meters, metal tube rotameter, heat meter and other series of intelligent flow meters. The sales revenue is 121.81 million yuan, the profit and tax is 26.86 million yuan, 10 patents have been applied for, 6 standards have been prepared, 3 software copyrights have been obtained, and 4 papers have been published. The technical achievements transformation and industrialized products of the project have been put into use under actual working conditions, with good performance and meeting user requirements

after the successful industrialization of the project, it will provide advanced technical means and automatic detection and control equipment for national energy conservation, emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources. Through the measurement and detection of various pollutants, scientific detection and data are provided for various environmental protection measures to control the sewage discharge and water supply measurement in production and life. Through the result of adopting industrialized flow products in this project, the serious waste of water resources in water supply enterprises and consumption links can be effectively improved. Through the metering function of the flow meter, it can accurately and timely measure the water use and sewage discharge in all links of production and life, so as to provide accurate basis for users and charging units, so as to establish a good atmosphere of energy conservation compared with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

in addition, the flow meters with high accuracy and good performance designed and manufactured by the company have independent intellectual property rights and meet the requirements of foreign advanced level flow meters in various indicators. They can completely replace imported products, reduce investment costs for users and contribute to the domestic flow meter market. The Company expressly states that

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