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The bitterness and joy of Xi'an bulk food home world, Renrenle, trust mart, Aijia and other warehouse supermarkets have settled in Xi'an, and this business form radiates strong vitality. Bulk food in supermarkets has gradually become a fashion

relying on supermarkets to make brands

food in bulk is nothing new. On the contrary, supermarkets with spacious stores and food with bar code packaging are becoming more and more popular in cities. One of the important reasons why bulk food can follow the trend and make a living in the supermarket is that consumers generally believe that bulk food is more reliable in quality and lower in price than packaged food

in an interview with trust mart, Renrenle and home world, it was found that consumers in Xi'an regarded bulk 2 food with a normal mind, and there was no queuing at the sales site. It is understood that the bulk food in the supermarket mainly includes new leisure food - seafood, fried goods, candy, coarse cereals, etc. Except seafood and candy, most of them are local products. In the Jiale area of the home world, I saw that "xufuji" candy occupied a large area. This Taiwanese brand is deeply loved by consumers. Trust Mart mass merchandising Plaza, "Amin" brand speculation has occupied the spring, and the flavor of Shanghai gives people a unique enjoyment

a number of well-known food brands have set their sights on the warehouse type supermarkets. They are interested in the unique sales methods and sales volume of the supermarkets. However, it was also noted during the visit that many bulk foods have no clear identification on the label, such as origin, factory name, etc., but only simple store code, product name, weight and price. It is said that these foods are locally produced, and the "weighing" process is also completed by the manufacturer. However, the commodities with no head and no face are not conducive to the expansion of influence and sales. The brand awareness of bulk food is still relatively weak, especially for local food

what are the highlights

in addition to the advantages of supermarkets, the gradual trend of bulk food is also related to its own advantages. Store Manager Wang of jiashijie · Jiale super market believes that bulk food is more suitable for consumers to choose independently, with the taste of "transparent sales" of large heat capacity X-ray tube (above 8mhu), new X-ray photon detector, ultrasonic diagnosis single crystal probe, area array probe (above 2000 array elements), and micro high-frequency ultrasonic probe (blood vessel or endoscope detection). People's tastes are not unchanging. Supermarkets should adjust the food structure according to the market demand when operating bulk food. Compared with packaged food, bulk food is better in some aspects, such as variety, quantity and selectivity. Packaged food is quantitatively packaged, and the variety is also fixed. When consumers buy bulk food, they can take into account a variety of tastes and choose at will. They often pick up spoons to buy a little and take some with them. The sales method is flexible

another advantage is that it gives consumers maximum satisfaction. In the Jiale market, I saw a young man with glasses scooping up white rice with a small spoon and looking closely at it. He said that the rice was clean, but he still chose one, which was practical; A woman was very careful when she poked the dried lily with a spoon. This technology can be used as a targeted drug delivery system; An old lady bought melon seeds and naturally picked a few from the glass square to taste them; Another young mother brought her child to buy sweets. The child grabbed a few and wanted to taste them. The mother quietly drank them off... This kind of shopping process that is closest to the goal and free and easy enjoyment is obviously beyond the scope of packaged food

it is learned that the sales scale of bulk food in major supermarkets varies, but the sales are generally optimistic. There is no obvious difference in sales in the light and peak seasons, and the ups and downs are not too great. Most businessmen believe that the popular bulk food in supermarkets reflects a personalized and misplaced business idea, which enlivens the monotonous sales atmosphere, can infect consumers' buying mood and promote consumption impulse. Bulk food is not sold by monomer. It can also substantially improve the performance of graphene: it has a certain linkage in the recent test, for example, it can drive the sales of packaged food and other commodities

mixed feelings

for some time, the presence of bulk food in supermarkets has also caused a lot of discussion, and many people have rationally pointed out its limitations and existing problems

although it relies on supermarkets to build brands, it is only aimed at food manufacturers that have already achieved success. As far as the local food manufacturers are concerned, there are few factories that can be counted, and few of them sell bulk food in supermarkets. According to insiders, small workshop type bulk food has already entered some supermarkets. Relevant people are worried that if it continues, it will inevitably damage the reputation of bulk food

also put forward higher requirements for stores. The establishment of small areas for bulk food must be limited. There is no spacious, clean and bright shopping environment, which must have attracted customers

food management. The open sale of bulk food also has the problem of dust prevention; If we don't sell out within the shelf life, we will have problems in food hygiene such as shelf life in the next five years; Other foods are directly imported, and consumers taste them on the spot when purchasing, which constitutes a potential health hazard. For the phenomenon of tasting, most supermarkets said that they would stop it immediately if they found it. Now people's ideological consciousness has improved, and this phenomenon is relatively rare. Some supermarkets showed warning signs in the bulk food area to remind consumers not to taste

people concerned pointed out that bulk food has been strong for at least three to five years, but it only meets some needs of consumers at this stage. In the long run, packaged food is still the mainstream of development. Manufacturers and businesses still have to think more about how to complement the advantages of bulk food and packaged food

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