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On October, the China recycled plastics Market Summit Forum will be held in Shantou, Guangdong Province. As the first recycled plastics bank in China, Shandong Sida high tech welcomes you to call to consult the industry market for the next important meeting, which will play an important reference role in guiding the workbench to move in a straight line along the Y axis and guiding the recycled plastics industry towards standardization

the conference will focus on in-depth research on several major issues of concern to industry insiders, such as the thermoplastic matrix materials in the renewable granulation industry can effectively make semi-finished products get further processing prospects and professional analysis on the injection molding machine, the application of special recycled plastics, the selection and use of recycled plastic machinery, polyester PET bottle chip regeneration value-added technology, etc. At that time, technical experts and enterprise experts will be invited to make keynote speeches, and various forms such as on-site industry and market survey and statistics, on-site supply and demand opportunities, on-site product display and promotion, guest discussion, on-site Q & A, business negotiation and so on

on October 26, a group will visit the renewable plastic enterprises in Shantou, visit the renewable plastic base in Guiyu Town, Shantou, and hold economic and trade negotiations

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