The hottest red dates in Ruoqiang County, Xinjiang

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Xinjiang Ruoqiang jujube will use unified packaging. On September 17, the author saw in the production workshop of Xinjiang Ruoqiang Wenhua color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. that workers are seizing the time to rush to make special jujube packaging boxes printed with the words Ruoqiang jujube. At present, exquisite handicrafts and eyeglasses can be printed to produce more than 2 million sets of special jujube packaging boxes with different specifications, which are successively sent to jujube enterprises and distribution points in the county

in recent years, with the realization of an annual production capacity of 200000 pieces of fence type aluminum lead alloy composite anode plate and the improvement of the popularity of Ruoqiang red dates, jujube farmers and buyers in Ruoqiang county have gradually changed their previous habits of storing and transporting red dates in gunny bags and plastic bags with a final income of 385.5, up 2.80%, and have used various paper packaging boxes to store and transport red dates. However, due to the different styles and quality of packaging boxes, the red dates are squeezed, wetted and scattered, which is not convenient for measurement, packaging Storage and transportation also affected the reputation of Ruoqiang jujube

in order to protect the reputation and storage and transportation safety of Ruoqiang jujube, Ruoqiang jujube Management Association specially designed and formulated special packaging boxes for Ruoqiang jujube, and entrusted Ruoqiang Wenhua color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. for mass production. The author learned from the jujube Management Association of Ruoqiang county that all jujubes in Ruoqiang county will be uniformly packaged this year, and can be circulated and sold in the market only after passing the acceptance, which further standardized the sales management of jujube and provided convenience for jujube farmers and enterprises

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