The hottest red flag engraves a milestone in China

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Red flag is engraved with the milestone of China's automobile industry

in the eyes of Chinese people, the word "red flag" has already gone beyond the meaning of a car brand. In the development process of Hongqi, Hongqi people have created countless impressive models, some of which have become the symbols and milestones of China's automotive industry

the first Hongqi premium car ca72

on the basis of the "Dongfeng" brand car, FAW people built the Hongqi ca72 in a short period of one month by means of "day and night", "continuous rotation", and became the first numbered Hongqi premium car in China, creating a miracle in the history of China's automobile industry and greatly enhancing our national self-esteem and pride

the shape of Hongqi ca72 is completely independently designed by China, which is very rich in national characteristics. The body length is more than 5 meters. The main body is black, elegant, dignified and generous. Its fan-shaped front grille has become the symbol of Hongqi cars in the past dynasties. The tail lamp follows the shape of palace lanterns. If there is torque value, the interior is decorated with imported high-grade walnut, equipped with 162 kW V8 engine and hydraulic stepless transmission

on March 16th, 1960, the red flag ca72 sedan was exhibited at the Leipzig International Expo, and the "red flag" brand was also listed in the world automobile directory and became a world-class famous car

the benchmark of domestic top luxury cars, Hongqi L5

Hongqi L5 is a top-level high-end model under Hongqi, with 100% independent intellectual property rights. Each Hongqi L5 is a customized version to reflect the uniqueness and dignity of Hongqi L5

Hongqi L5 adopts modern modeling language to reinterpret and express Chinese philosophy and culture: the side modeling inherits the old Hongqi's ship body and embodies the high spirited spirit; The front shape takes "mountain and water" as the element, showing the artistic conception of "viewing the mountains with moving water and static water"; The tail lamp, which evolved from the Chinese palace lantern, is another classic design of the red flag, which is both elegant and stable, and has a unique national style. Hongqi L5 also moderately reflects the characteristics of modern luxury cars such as small proportion of side windows, small tail windows, short front suspension and long hood

as the only representative of China's top luxury cars, it closely combines elements with Chinese characteristics with modern science and technology. The former shows the wisdom and success of "red flag" people

New Hongqi's "Dinghaishenzhen" Hongqi hs7

Hongqi hs7 is the first luxury C-class SUV model launched to mass consumers with the same relative error for all levels of dial. It is equipped with a self-developed 3.0T supercharged engine, with a maximum power of 337 HP and a peak torque of 445 nm. In order to further enhance the mechanical quality, the chassis of Hongqi hs7 also adopts the combination of front double wishbone + rear multi link, and is equipped with air suspension

different from Western elite luxury, the majestic body structure of Hongqi hs7, the huge straight waterfall air intake grille and the iconic brand logo on the bonnet all give people a strong sense of dignity and extraordinary luxury, while the moire LED headlights create a unique beauty of new Chinese technology

the launch of Hongqi hs7 has unique significance. First, it is an important achievement of the new Hongqi brand strategy, which further improves the product layout of Hongqi brand; Second, Hongqi hs7 fills the gap of Chinese brands in the luxury C-class SUV market and leads the overall improvement of Chinese brands; Third, the Hongqi hs7, which uses new design and leading technology, represents the consumption trend of luxury SUVs in China and will fully meet the increasing needs of users

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