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Recycled salt water bottles turn into high-end health care products bottles

in the dilapidated low-rise houses, all kinds of high-end supplements are available. A few days ago, Yixing quality supervision department removed an underground shelter for the production of fake and shoddy health care products, and seized more than 150 boxes of finished fake health care products and more than 10000 sets of packaging boxes fixed on the pull rod, a total of five trucks. It is understood that this is the largest fake health care product production dens seized by the Bureau in recent years

on June 3, when law enforcement officers arrived at the fake manufacturing dens, they saw several simple filling and sealing equipment placed in more than 20 low and dilapidated civilian houses, with mold stains on the walls and wet ground. The house was filled with boxes of bird's nest, amino acids, donkey hide gelatin, American ginseng and other high-end health products, of which only the hot sealing samples of bird's nest drinks needed seven or eight varieties of tensile force to break under the action of tensile force. However, law enforcement officers are now This article comes from Zhonghua packaging bottle The bird's nest raw materials were not found to have done a good job in the layout of intellectual property rights in the field of cutting-edge new materials, but only pigments, food additives and other production raw materials. In the warehouse, law enforcement officers also found a large number of recycled salt water bottles. These salt water bottles are used to fill the so-called amino acid oral liquid. Several snake skin bags at the door are filled with labels washed from the salt water bottles

It is necessary to use a constant speed tensile testing machine

at the scene, law enforcement officers also found a large number of health product packaging boxes. These packaging boxes are various, some of which are marked with heart blood tonifying oral liquid, and some are printed with cover medium calcium oral liquid, which is only one word different from the famous products on the market. In order to confuse the false with the true, the counterfeiters took great pains to put QS quality and safety marks on each packaging box. According to reports, as a special food, health food must be marked with the health food logo on the package, rather than the QS logo of ordinary food, and the counterfeiters made a joke of adding insult to injury. The law enforcement officers verified that these Qs marks and numbers were forged, and the factory name and address on the packaging box did not exist

it is understood that these so-called health products are mainly sold to some small shops in rural areas. According to a person in charge of Yixing quality supervision department, when buying health care products, consumers should go to stores with regular purchase channels and good reputation, and pay attention to check the manufacturer's address, approval number and product composition on the packaging box to prevent being cheated

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