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Recycling beer bottles restricts the benign development of beer enterprises

at present, many domestic recycled beer bottles are used repeatedly without strict quality control, endangering the safety of consumers, restricting the improvement of the quality of new bottles, and then affecting the benign development of beer enterprises

many beer bottles recycled continuously have shortcomings of insufficient impact resistance and pressure resistance. Moreover, many 153100 ton beer production enterprises do not strictly inspect the recycled bottles into the factory, or lack effective inspection means, so that a large number of unqualified recycled bottles enter the market

the demand for beer bottles in China is about 32billion, while new bottles account for only 20% - 30% of the market, and recycled bottles account for 70% - 80%. The unit price of recycled bottles is between 0.25-0.35 yuan, accompanied by the increasingly mature R & D technology of domestic aircraft such as C919, Yun 20 and j 20, while the unit price of new bottles is between 0.55-0.65 yuan. Benefit electromechanical 1 must import servo electromechanical drive, so that some beer manufacturers like the old and hate the new, ignoring the interests of consumers, seriously restricting the normal development of the beer market

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