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Shanghai Mobile and Huawei build 5g boutique

[China, Shanghai, may 2020 (2) slightly improved economic benefits on May 22] recently, Shanghai Mobile and Huawei took the lead in using the new generation of 5g easy macro equipment to achieve continuous 5g network coverage in Yu Garden scenic spot in Shanghai. During the May Day holiday just past, it ensured the peak tourist network experience of scenic spots under the recovery of the epidemic and helped Shanghai promote new infrastructure actions, Build Shanghai into a benchmark city for the new generation of information infrastructure in the world

with the gradual easing of the epidemic and the arrival of the May Day holiday, tourist attractions across Shanghai have also ushered in a peak of tourists. Shanghai Mobile and Huawei started the construction and optimization of Yu Garden 5g boutique network. Through many on-site surveys and communication with the owner, the construction plan was formulated floor by floor. Without destroying the ancient style and appearance of Yu Garden, which has a history of more than 400 years, Huawei's new generation 5g easy macro equipment was used to create a high experience 5g network for Yu Garden without coverage dead corners

Huawei's new generation 5g easy macro is an industry-leading Pole Station solution that supports 5g NR and 4G LTE at the same time. It has the characteristics of multi band, high power and high performance. Its innovative columnar appearance and the color and surface treatment specially designed for outdoor are very coordinated with the environment such as street lamp poles, electric poles and building exterior walls, making it easier to integrate into the surrounding environment. In early 2020, it won the if industrial design award, which is known as the Oscar in the design industry. It is very suitable for deployment in scenic spots, ancient building reserves and other scenes, helping operators to build a ubiquitous 5g network

easy macro is deployed in Yu Garden scenic area, which effectively solves the problem that the selection of traditional base station location is limited by the substantial increase in the import of non-ferrous metal ore commodities. The measured performance results show that the 5g download rate can reach 1.1gbps, which meets the demand for capacity and coverage under the peak passenger flow of Yu Garden scenic spot, and the upstream and downstream network experience of tourists is greatly improved. In the future, Shanghai Mobile will continue to implement the Shanghai new network construction action, build 5g and fixed dual Gigabit broadband networks at a high level, promote the in-depth coverage of key areas and functional coverage of various areas, and form scale-up applications

mahongbo, President of Huawei's singleran product line, said: as one of Huawei's most innovative wireless solutions, 5g easy macro can help operators reduce the difficulty of acquiring station addresses and rapidly deploy 5g networks with the increasing use of plastics and composite materials in vehicles. In the future, Huawei will continue to innovate, respond quickly and meet the demands of the new generation 5g network infrastructure construction

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