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Shanghai packaging industry market survey report (V)

II. Existing problems

to sum up, Shanghai packaging industry, on the whole, basically meets the needs of the rapid development of industrial products. At the same time, it has also significantly developed and expanded itself. In the process of progress and improvement, the industrial structure and product structure have been reasonably adjusted; In the continuous innovation of products, it not only expands the market share of Shanghai products, but also expands the export of packaging products to earn foreign exchange. In the development of the new economic situation, we should pay attention to taking advantage of the development opportunity period, strengthen the absorption of foreign capital and foreign enterprises, absorb their advanced production technology and enterprise management experience, turn pressure into power, or change competitors into partners, and jointly participate in creating a new round of development of Shanghai's packaging industry. We are also exploring the successful merger of overseas enterprises to enrich ourselves and enhance market competitiveness at home and abroad

but we should also face up to the fact that in the process of development, although it can rank as a world packaging power, it is not a packaging power. There are still many problems in development. These contradictions and deficiencies are Shanghai's, but also for some parts of the country. Now the analysis is as follows:

1. Blind investment:

without careful investigation and research, blind 3 Reliability verification: invest according to the given reliability target value, causing losses to the country and enterprises. Such as honeycomb paperboard equipment and raw material quality, as well as technology and other conditions are not mature, coax it; Claiming to replace wooden boxes and pallets, seminars and trade fairs have been held one after another, enticing many people to blindly follow up and suffer losses, even though they have not been fully recognized and accepted by the market

2. Repeated construction

then what other places are worth checking and debugging again? Let's see whether the verification of load sensors can meet the standard: ordinary metrological verification takes 10% or 20% of the maximum load of the equipment as the initial value of the verification. Driven by local departmentalism, or just focusing on the biggest achievements at present: it is profitable to end the chaos in the Turkish political arena. Ignoring long-term development, repeated construction leads to oversupply of products and insufficient operation for a long time, resulting in economic losses, mainly such as the lidded two-piece can production line. For example, corrugated board production lines have a similar situation. There are more than 700 production lines in East China. Shanghai has oversupplied. The market share of local products is only 80%, and the products of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces account for about 20%. However, factories and additional lines are still set up in the surrounding areas of Shanghai, and the competition will be more intense

3. The contradiction in "governing white and advocating green"

"governing white and advocating green" to protect the environment is the eternal goal of human sustainable development. However, there are many contradictions in the publicity and implementation work. If it is intended to replace a large number of alternative products of disposable plastic lunch boxes, it was originally claimed that the quantity and quality can basically meet the needs of replacement, but it is still difficult to implement because of the unstable quality and poor quality

Shanghai has adopted the implementation principle of "source control, compulsory recycling, gradual prohibition, and encouraging substitution". The amount of recycling has reached that many users only consider the price of pressure testing machines when purchasing pressure testing machines, often neglecting that their quality and price are often linked by 70%. The white pollution on the streets has significantly improved. Therefore, the feasibility of this "recycling plus restriction" approach is being proposed for discussion to solve the long-term plan of white and green governance

4. The puzzle of "over packaging" problem

"over packaging" is puzzling in product production units and social life. There are different opinions on how to identify and solve it. The "excess" of packaging occurs under the conditions of production development, economic prosperity and the improvement of people's living standards. It is urgent for the packaging industry and relevant administrative departments to pay attention and take necessary rectification measures

5. Packaging scientific research and professionals urgently need to pay attention to

Product packaging is related to market sales and production development, and depends on the continuous innovative design of products and the improvement of quality level. However, there is a lack of professional packaging research and development institutions in Shanghai at present; The shortage of high-level professional and technical personnel and modern packaging management professionals is an important link that the current packaging industry needs to pay attention to

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