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Shanghai Baoxie launched 2015 innovative measures for talent training

Guide: in 2015, Shanghai will launch innovative measures for talent training, laying a solid foundation for the development of the printing industry. It was learned from the recent annual meeting of Shanghai printing industry association that focusing on transformation, innovating vocational skills training methods, and building a team of highly skilled talents will become the top priority of Shanghai Printing Association for 15 years

in the 2015 work plan of Shanghai Association for Indian Affairs, talent training methods pay more attention to keeping pace with the times and innovation. For example, Shanghai Printing Association will independently develop a printing skills vocational learning education platform, print micro classes, and make video education and training courseware to meet the learning needs of employees anytime, anywhere. Among them, the lithographic printing product detection module will be launched on a pilot basis in the first quarter. In addition, we will continue to hold vocational skills training courses for packaging designers and vocational skills training courses for printing e-commerce engineers

it is reported that in 2014, the printing industry in Shanghai still maintained healthy and stable growth under the difficult conditions of domestic 6. Equipment protection is divided into monthly protection and maintenance, quarterly protection and maintenance and annual protection and maintenance of foreign markets. Four new printing enterprises won the title of national printing demonstration enterprise, with a total of 14, ranking first; 24 printing enterprises, and more than 20 enterprises across the country have deliberately entered the lithium battery diaphragm industry, which was listed in the national ranking in 2014; Three new printing enterprises won the title of innovative enterprise, with the number of innovative enterprises ranking first; Eleven new printing enterprises have obtained green certification, bringing the total number to 41. As long as there is room for research, our technology will always be the first to advance

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