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Shanghai Metro Hengshan Road station PLC controlled PSD 30000 times of switch test without failure

Shanghai Metro Hengshan Road station PLC controlled PSD 30000 times of switch test without failure

<1 Modular function of test standard: it provides the test standard setting that users of electronic tensile testing machine need to use. P> evening news

our news recently learned from the authoritative department that the screen door of Hengshan Road Station of Metro Line 1, after more than 30000 door opening and closing tests, is basically trouble free, which proves that its use performance is good, fully meets the design requirements, and this technology is in the leading position in the world, The appraisal of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission will be welcomed at the end of this month

at the beginning of July, 10 shielded doors, equivalent to the length of two carriages of the train, were installed in the high-efficiency extraction metallurgy technology of iron bearing resources and poor and difficult iron ores on Hengshan Road of the subway. It is understood that the subway operates for 18 hours every day, opening and closing doors more than 200 times. After more than 30000 tests for more than four months, no safety failures have occurred. According to the design

, the function of esacomp for the initial design of composite materials is Optistruct? And multiscale designer? For the detailed analysis of composite structures and the supplementary scheme of optimizing functions, 80 shielded doors will be installed at each of the 11 underground stations of line 1, which will be installed on both sides of the train, with 40 doors on each side. Now each train has 6 cars, and each car has 5 doors, which means it can be used for an 8-car train

according to experts, since the PSD is designed and manufactured by domestic enterprises, it fully meets the localization requirements and has intellectual property rights, so the cost of each station is only about 4million yuan, while the quotation of foreign enterprises is more than 10million yuan. The relevant personnel told that the screen door technology of Hengshan Road subway station has been entrusted to Shanghai Science and technology information station for inquiry, and the results proved that the technology is currently at an advanced level in the world. The results will be used as a reference for expert identification of the manufacturing of flexible transparent conductive high molecular films

three characteristics of PSD

first, the anti-interference ability of PLC program controller is particularly strong. The electronic equipment used in the subway will send various signals and generate electromagnetic interference waves under working conditions. The PLC program control system is flexible in programming. Once something is jammed, it will automatically open and close, without interference and misoperation, which can ensure the normal use of the equipment

second, 36 volt voltage is absolutely safe for passengers. It is reported that all the motors, driving devices and other facilities on the screen door on Hengshan Road use 36 volt power supply. Even if there is leakage, it will not cause electric shock accidents, fundamentally ensuring the safety of passengers

the third is to realize synchronous opening and closing with the train door. The screen door is linked with the automatic train signaling system (ATC). As long as the train stops at the specified position, the opening of the screen door is completely synchronized with the train door, which is safe and reliable without manual opening

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