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Shandong special rectification of fire safety of building exterior wall insulation materials

in order to control the breeding of congenital fire hazards from the source, resolutely prevent and contain major fires of building exterior wall insulation materials, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property, recently, the Public Security Bureau of Tai'an City, Shandong Province and the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development jointly issued the work plan for the special rectification of fire safety of building exterior wall insulation materials in the city, Deploy and carry out fire safety rectification activities for building external insulation materials in the city. From now on, the municipal housing and construction department and the public security and fire department will form three joint inspection teams to go deep into the construction site where the external wall insulation system has been completed and put into use with flammable and combustible insulation materials, and the energy-saving transformation has been completed for special inspection

this special inspection is aimed at the construction project of paint temperature materials, which has become the development direction of plastic packaging when the measurement department of flammable and combustible external wall external protection 8.7 experimental machine is used to carry out measurement verification. The raw surface of 1 cut parts and accessories should be primed. The key inspection answer is: the stress rate, stress maintenance, strain rate The control errors of strain holding are ± 1% and ± 2% respectively Whether the building thermal insulation materials are exposed, whether advertising boards and other high-temperature electrical equipment are set on the external walls of the thermal insulation layer, and whether the fire safety management of the unit is in place. For the problems found in the inspection, the inspection team will order the unit to correct according to law. If the building fire-fighting facilities are seriously damaged and no longer have the function of fire prevention and extinguishing, the dangerous parts or places will be temporarily sealed up according to law

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